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Friday, September 12, 2008


About three or four weeks ago we were at Walmart in Oberlin. We had $20 extra for me to spend on yarn. Now, Walmart isn't known for it's wondiferous yarn collection....In fact, the selection here was downright sad. Ugh. But Oberlin is just a small college town. However, they did have a surprisingly decent selection of cotton.

I bought two balls of Peaches n' Cream. One red and white ombre called Peppermint, and one black and light grey called Licorice. I had originally planned on making some baby bibs out of them.

Keyword here is orignally.

Then, I suddenly had the desire to knit me some japanese legwarmers.

Oooh.....Japanese legwarmers....

As I neared halfway finished with the first one, when it dawned on my dumb ass that I was definitely going to need another ball of each color. Dan assumed that it was going to be relatively easy to get these colors again. Turns out no. At least not the licorice. Plenty of peppermint though. Checked two stores.

Unfortunately, since I only had one skein each.....................I only have a legwarmer. But it still looks pretty freakin sweet!

I present you:
Japanese-style Legwarmers

©All rights reserved. Pattern or design is not to be sold or redistributed without prior permission from the author, Meagan Fischer.

2 Balls Peaches n Cream cotton yarn, Peppermint
2 balls Peaches n Cream cotton yarn, Licorice
size 7 straight needles
row counter
yarn needle

With Licorice, CO 30 sts. Work 6 rows in K1P1 ribbing
Knit in St st until you have 20 rows.

Change to Peppermint and work 20 rows in St st.

Alternate Licorice and Peppermint four more times.

Loosely BO. Seam sides.


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