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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Six - 11.20.10

BWS tips button

God, it feels like it's been an eternity since I participated in a Sat Six...Since I only had internet access via smartphone, posting with links was a bit of a pain in the ass and the app I was using didn't like html so the buttons only showed up as  coding, I didn't much feel like participating in too many memes. It's not that I didn't love the hosts' blogs or anything, but, as I mentioned, it was a big pain plus, it took forever to write.....aaaand my husband had my phone most of the time because he needed it for work. ...Bastard.

Mmmkay, I'll shut the hell up now and get to the Saturday Sixin' - brought to you by Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, as well as, The Zombie Housewife.

1.) What is something you do to pamper yourself? What the hell is this "pampering" shit?? Hell, I can't even step out on the porch to smoke a half a cigarette without someone being up my ass about something. And I'm not one for tanning, or getting my nails did, or anything like that. Although, once a year I go and get my hair professionally cut as opposed to having my husband do it. I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of pants. I    don't really do much for myself, except buy some make up every few months. I really need to do more....But basically, my pamper time is first thing in the morning, just me, on the porch, witha cup of coffee and a cigarette. It's the only time I truly get some "me time"

2.) What is your favorite day of the week? Uh. Friday. Dan has the weekends off and no school the next day. That means semi-sleeping in! Yay!

3.) What shows are you currently obsessing over? I've only ever obsessed over two shows: "Invader Zim" and 
"Living with the Tribes". 

4.) What are you currently reading or what is the last book you finished? Stardust probably. I've read that book at least five times.

5.) What's on your Christmas wish list? I want to sleep in and stuff to make me some Tom Collins. ♥

6.) What was the highlight and the low point of your week? Respectively: I've had my sister stay with me so I can go pick up Bucket without having to drag out the kids. Beign stuck outside, walking in the freezing wind for an hour and a half.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Fawking Fridayyy!

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This is my first post from my computer since it's been at the new house! Yes, I have the interwebs again. We couldn't figure out for the lives of us who provided internet to this area...Other than Time Warner...And I don't really like Time Warner...But that's another blog post in of itself. So, what better way to come back than with a Fawking Friday post?

This, in case you forgot, is hosted by Jana from Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, as well as Christy from My Mad Mind.

Without further adieu...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Halloween 2010


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Since the move...


The house is just now resembling what a home should look like instead of a storage house. The wall of boxes and furniture that we stacked up in the dining room is pretty much gone. There's only a couple remaining, but that's being worked on as well. But, pretty much everything that was destined to be in the dining room is there.

The kitchen is still only 3/4 the way unpacked. With the limited cupboard space, it probably will remain that way for a while. Pulling out what's needed as needed... Dan replaced part of the the kitchen floor yesterday. The bit by the kitchen door was coming up and only partially done. Whoever did it duct taped the floor together. There was some mismatched tile in the basement, so that's what he used. It's only temporary, thankfully, because it's ugly as shit. We plan on replacing both the kitchen & bathroom floors within the next year or two. But, in the meantime, we have 3 different styles of tile in the kitchen & ugly blue seashell tile in the bathroom (it's just not my style).

Lately, Bucket & Boots have been sharing a room. Well, off & on...on the nights when they just can't settle down we put Dilli in (what should be) our room. He can't sleep in his toddler bed because he flops around too much. I think he's fallen out of it a couple times...but they pretty much have full reign of the upstairs. Do they stay up there? Hardly. Definitely not when we want them to.

While I really like the perks of having hardwood floors, sometimes I wish they weren't. Especially this past week. I had a cold (still dealing with it some) and my ears were horribly filled with fluid. It made noises sound really weird. It's hard to explain, but everything had this extra pitch to it - sort of like I had q voice changer strapped to my ears. I dunno, but it was extremely annoying. And the hardwood floors amplified everything. It almost drove me insane at times...I miss ninja-ing around the house too. I'm usually excellent at moving around the house without hardly making a sound. Can't do that with creaky ass floors! I'm just not used to everything being so loud, I guess... oh, and another downside, floor crumbs get tracked in the bed not matter what you do. =\

It's interesting living in a big city. When I go out in the morning for my coffee and cigarette, I'm greeted with so many new sounds. Construction work, ambulances, people.leaving for the day. And since we live near the lake and river, I hear/see seagulls and boats. It's weird, but I like it.

I will miss all the privacy that we had at the other apartment complex. Our apartment was in the back facing some woods. No one could see me on the patio. Now when I go out, our back neighbour is facing me smoking as well. And then there's the small complex immediately on my right. I can't even scratch my nose without worrying that someone's lookin at me.  But, I'm closer to friends and family now, so whatever.

I still have to get the oldest enrolled in school. I'll probably be e-schooling her. If not this year then next. I kinda want to give her a chance at making friends. Maybe these kids aren't as stuck up...But the school she'd probably be going to is 1.7 miles away & they only provide transportation if you're more than 2 miles away. Ain't that some shit luck? I don't drive and Dan works 9-5...so, unless they can work something out, I'll have to e-school her. Call me lazy but there is no way I'm walking that distance with two kids and a baby in the dead of winter. I'm still waiting on her immunization records though. Unfortunately, the health department is about an hour away...in the meantime, though, I've been having her read as much as possible, we've been practicing addition, and I'm working on a science project for her as well. I've even been having her teach Dilli the alphabet. They both love it & it has come in handy when I needed to get something else done.

All in all though, I really love the house. At first, it felt surreal, but now there's times when I feel like we've lived here for years.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Six - in the bedroom


<a href="http://www.boobiesbabiesandablog.com/"><img src="http://boobiesbabiesandablog.webs.com/satsixbutton.jpg" alt="BWS tips button" width="125" height="125" /></a>

So I missed the last few Saturday Sixes...:cries:...last week because I just straight up forgot it was Saturday and the two times before that was due to the move. I was so sad  too, I really enjoy Saturday Six (which is hosted by Jana from   Boobies, Babies, & a Blog and Ashlee from  The Zombie Housewife ). And, as I mentioned before, I'm posting from my phone & it doesn't handle html so I have to post a nonfunctioning button. But if you can't figure out how to follow the link it provides, then you're just stupid and should probably put the mouse down (hint: copy & paste).

This week its all about what you do in the bedroom........to sleep, you pervs.

How many hours per night/day do you sleep?

Well, I used to be lucky to get 4 or 5 hours, but lately Kyrielle's been sleeping about 7 hours a night. But I kinda get the feeling that this may be changing. Makes me kinda sad, but it's a natural thing for newborns to do, so...Since I'm a SAHM, I try to squeeze a nap in during Dora or something. its only for about 20 minutes though.

Night owl or morning person?

I can go either way. Partially due to bouts of insomnia. When that isn't plaguing me, I'm more of a morning person. Kinda have to be with kids who wake up at ass o'clock.

What do you wear to bed?

Usually, a shirt and some undies. But Dilli's getting a bit too old and he's been climbing into bed with us/me (depending on where the baby's sleeping), so that's kinda been coming to an end.

Do you have any sleep crutches? (Sleep with a radio, fan, tv on? Have to have something in particular in order to doze?)

I have to have a fan on. Have to. And so does the baby...I usually have the tv on too, but sometimes that changes to requiring the tv being off. Also, I need st least one squishy pillow. I have two, and I prefer both, but if I'm elsewhere (hospital, mom's, etc) I have to have at least the one. I commandeered both of them from Dan while pregnant with Bucket and he has yet to let me forget (She's 6 1/2). Whatever, he took my hoodie which had THE MOST AWESOMEST hood in the world...and he lost it. Fucker.

Do you remember your dreams when you wake?

Mostly, no. Sometimes I'll remember bits and pieces throughout the day. Sometimes I can't tell if I dreamt it that night or a previous night...but that's all the work of Dream...

Any strange stories about sleep walking/talking or anything if that nature?

I don't sleep walk or anything but my husband sure does. He once told me how his mother threw a soaking wet pillow at him one morning. She swore up and down he snuck out. But really, he opened up the window in the middle of the night & threw his pillow outside. He doesn't do stuff like that anymore. No,  instead he sleep makes out. Countless times he's woken me up in the middle of the night kissing me like a 15 year old boy. Usually, he'll just up and stop and leave me hanging, but one time we even had sex. No joke. And he only had a tiny memory of it the next day. He'd probably kill me if he knew I was telling you all this. Good thing he doesn't read this!  But yeah, he's not allowed to sleep next to anyone...

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sexy Sunday - one night stands


<center><a href="http://nameswontbechanged.blogspot.com" target="_blank"><img alt="Sexy Sunday" src="http://i416.photobucket.com/albums/pp246/justin_loves_ashlee/ZSSButton3.jpg"/></a></center>

Ok, since Blogaway doesn't like html I have to cheat here and post the image with the code separately. It's a non-functioning button, but the idea's the same. Sorta. Well, the link's still there! You just hafta use yer brain meats... Sorry, but this is the way it's gonna be for a few until I gets the internets.

Apart from our usual hostesses,  Ashlee &  Ange, we have a guest host! Her husband, Jason from  ...and they think I'm crazy  .

Well...rules is rules...:said in her best impersonation of Tobi:

Post the sexy Sunday button in your post. (I sorta broke this one...ooh, rebel, rebel!)

Follow all our hosts blobs, and link back to them in the post.

And if you can't figure out how to add a link, punch yourself in the face...just sayin.

And now for the Q&A:

1. How do you feel about one night stands?

Well, considering that's how I met my husband, I think they can be awesome. Plus, after having been in an abusive relationship, I found it to be beneficial for me. I had ample time to figure things out while still getting what I wanted.

2. Would you judge someone for having one?

Only if I wanted to be the world's biggest hypocrite. Besides, their sex life is not my business.

3. What makes it ok or not ok in your opinion?

Sex does not have to strictly be with someone you love. While I admit that sex with love is more pleasurable, in my opinion, sometimes it's nice to have no strings attached. Or more if that's your thing...  

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Four For My Heart

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It's not something I find particularly easy to talk about...but its something I have wanted to talk about for a while. In fact, I had a dream about it last night - no joke. (How weird is that?)

I have had to say goodbye to four babies. Getting pregnant was never an easy thing for me to become. So when I did, I immediately fell in love. The anticipation, the hopes, the dreams, all were amplified.

My first loss happened shortly after Bucket turned one, and shortly after an ultrasound. I was almost 12 weeks when I awoke to bleeding. I called my mother and we rushed to the hospital. It felt like an eternity before I felt like we were getting anywhere. But it was too late, they couldn't find the heartbeat. They scheduled me for a d&amp;c just a few hours later. I was devastated. Hurt. Angry. Depressed. I think I slept for almost two weeks straight. I don't even remember showering.

About a year later, it happened again. I woke up on October 31st, 2006 to bleeding. I immediately began crying. I knew it was over, but I was in denial. I didn't want to say goodbye. When they finally got the on call doctor in, they gave me an ultrasound. I remember searching on the screen for that flicker of a heartbeat. After having one successful and one failed pregnancy, I knew what to look for. But I held my breath in hope. When the doctor turned his head toward me and broke the news, I cried the hardest is ever cried in my life. Another d&amp;c was scheduled almost immediately after. I went into the surgery crying and woke up crying. I had to return to work 2 days after. I spent most of the time crying. And while, just a couple months later, I found out I was pregnant again, it didn't ease the pain. The fact that it was a terrifying pregnancy didn't help, but miscarriages really suck the joy from subsequent pregnancies.

After Dillinger was born, we decided to try for our third. I wanted two close in age, but Fate would have it otherwise. It took a year and a half to even get pregnant. My due date was December 26th. My youngest sister was due a week later. I started spotting. Since it was dark, I held out hope. I went to the ER, they gave me an ultrasound, bit they said since it was early, it might just be that the baby was still too small to be seen. I then waited another two weeks for testing results. All the while waiting and hoping. When they called me to tell me my levels had dropped, I slumped on the floor. I couldn't believe it was happening again.

A couple months later, I miscarried again, on my birthday. All wounds that were healing had opened again.  I opted this time not to seek medical attention. It was too early and I knew there was nothing they could do (they can't, not until 23 weeks). I didn't want false hopes...

All my losses were early, between 6-11 weeks. I never got to find out whether they were boys or girls. But it doesn't make it any easier. I never got to hold them. I never saw anything except q heartbeat if I was lucky. Not a single picture to remember them by.  I will never have true closure. I've named them (Dyre, Riley, Noel, and Hayden) in an attempt at closure. But it still doesn't feel like enough. They were life...it hurts, even now.

I frequently look at my kids and wonder what life would have been like had I have carried to term. What they would have looked like...What their personalities would have been...It's almost impossible to imagine. So, instead, I thank them for giving up their lives so their siblings could have a chance.
So, sleep sweetly, Dyre, Riley, Noel, &amp; Hayden. You're forever missed &amp; never forgotten.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sooo....I forgot to pay the phone bill last month...Then when I remembered, we had to put it off so we could have as much money as possible for the move. This morning I went to call them to make a payment arrangement, only to be redirected to the people I was trying to get a hold of. So, my service was suspended. I can get calls, but I can't make them. I could get it turned back on, but I can't find the checkbook. Cap'n Dumbass packed it away. Who does that?!?! Really..

Half our life is in boxes right now. Stacked mostly in the dining room. I've tried unpacking, but the baby's been attached to me almost constantly. I can't find anything! It's driving me nuts. Aside from the checkbook, I absoulutly cannot find the cat food. Thankfully, my mom is awesome and gave us some. But this was after a couple days had gone by. I searched everywhere. I know I had seen it somewhere in an open box, but couldn't find it. Then I couldn't find the toothpaste. Or the toothbrushes even though I had  them in like three different boxes. I kept trying to make sure that we had one set out to use during the move, but (just like with the checkbook) Cap'n Dumbass  kept following behind me and packing it away.

We still have no hot water. We just got a stove today, but it needs cleaned, so it's sitting on the porch currently waiting to be cleaned. But we have not hot water....quite a conundrum. We only have a mini fridge right now. And it doesn't keep food very cold either. We're getting a fridge tomorrow too, but again, it needs cleaned. I guess it's really nasty too. =/ But we're living off of chips, donuts, and sammiches... Double =/.

But the baby's beginning to fuss and I need to give one of the gremlins a bath so I need to cut this short. My apologies if this doesn't make much sense...Didn't have too much time to think before I wrote. I just can't wait until things start going back to normal. But, in the meantime, I won't be blogging for a couple of days. Hopefully, by the 17th I'll be back.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fawk You Friday!


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I'm posting this from my phone for the first time, so I dunno how this will post the html...just a, uh, heads up... oh and since I'm posting from my phone, no page jump. So there...

Another dose of the fawk yous brought to by Christy from I'm Just Sayin', and Jana from Boobies, Babies, & a Blog.

Fuck you Columbia Gas. One if your dumb ass reps misinformed us about the gas being turned on on Thursday. Because we missed the appointment we thought we needn't be present for, we now get to go a week without hot water & heat. We get to drive 15-20 minutes to take a shower. I have to take my cloth diapers there to be washed as well. At least for the first wash... And we're not gonna have a stove or fridge for the first few days as it is.

Fuck people who like to play games with people's hearts.  If you knew your WiFi was so shitty, don't you think it best to post your correction in a public place so you could SEE it or do a BCC to use sort of as a receipt? Just saying...

Fuck me for owning so much shit. Seriously, its too much shit to pack. And then the kids come along behind me pulling stuff out of the boxes that I've already packed. It's annoying...

Fuck this cold. I don't want to pack...I just wanna lay in bed all day...I feel like shit.

Fuck my husband for losing his keys. That set us back an entire day. His work keys (which the company probably would have sued us over), the car keys, the new house keys, and our apartment keys - all on one key ring that  he left at Conrad's...

Fuck Conrad's for closing at 6 pm. That's a stupid time to close, ya know...could have gotten shit done.

Fuck us for not having the money right now to get our cat spayed. She's been in heat for 3 FUCKING WEEKS! She's ultra friendly and super vocal to begin with. It's 100 times worse when she's in heat.

Fuck rental truck companies. It's highway robbery, I tell ya. And the guy at the uhaul place said we could return the truck at anytime. If anytime means by 12 pm, then I'd have liked a warning...we have to call out everyone (some live as much as an hour away) much earlier than we had already told them. Thanks guy...

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Denmark is smelly this time of year...

I awoke this morning and stepped outside on the patio for my morning cigarette, coffee, and blog stalking. Ashlee, from The Zombie Housewife, was the first one I checked.

This is what I learned.

To summarize, Renee (the chick from the family I said needed our help) omitted important details. Apparently living in an RV was a choice...And, from what I gather, they're not staying at the hospital parking lot...And some other upsetting info...

It does still sound like she needs help, but it wasn't what it was made out to be. And Renee never said anything otherwise and that's what pisses me off.

We were lied to...

And yes, omitting the truth is just as bad as a lie, Renee...

I am angry. Our hearts were played. And this does not still well with me to say the least. I still feel bad that your husband has cancer and that you're having a hard time with finances. But you should have set the record straight.

It's shit like this is the reason why people don't help out others in the U.S.

I am sorry I called my readers douche bags if they didn't donate. I am the douche bag apparently. I should have checked facts.But I didn't have time to check because of packing. In fact, I'm supposed to be right now, but I could not wait to update y'all.

So again, I'm sorry. Gucci Mama has posted an update and you should go read...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Arrrrgh!


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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mama Still Wears Gucci: A Call to Arms, So to Speak

Mama Still Wears Gucci: A Call to Arms, So to Speak

Hey hey, people....There's a family in some serious need of help. For serious. Take just 5 minutes of your time to click the link above and read the story.

Please, don't be a douche bag. Help out any way you can.

I cannot donate at this very moment. We're moving and we're struggling just to get the gas turned on (thanks to ass hatty-ness on Dan's part, we're barely gonna have enough to move). But I'm totally going to go through my stuff once we move, send what I can, bake/send food, and do whatever else in my power that I'm able to do.

Please, do what you can. Forgo the Starbucks, or the McDonald's, or the nails or tan - for just ONE time - and help. This family needs it. Not only physically, but emotionally, I'm sure.

I know you've seen those Facebook statuses along the lines of "we help so n' so across seas, but we're not willing to help the people in our own country". Well, now is the time to prove you're not that douche bag.

There's a couple of blogs that are doing giveaways as an incentive for helping. I know Gucci will be giving away a pair of glasses once we reach a certain dollar amount (I'm not telling you because I want you to read it), and Ange is giving away some adult toys. I get the feeling though that there's more coming...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SExy Sunday - Sizzles and Fizzles...

Sexy Sunday

With Ange, Boobies, and Zombie Housewife! If you haven't read their blogs yet, you should. I'm super serial...

This weeks topic: Things I wish my partner knew about what turns me on, and what doesn't.  Discuss things that your partner does to turn you on.  Things you WISH your partner would do to turn you on, and things your partner does to turn you on, but you wish he wouldn't because it doesn't turn you on.

If you're friends or family, under 18,  or are generally offended by such topics, it's advisable you return another day..

Real quick...


Since I have  a quick minute, I figured is update y'all on our goings on...

We're moving on October 9th. So I've been super busy packing and whatnot. Well, trying to pack. It isn't easy finding the time with two kids and a newborn. And when I do get the chance, Dilli follows along behind me pulling all the cool shit outta the boxes. Yesterday, we completely packed up Bucket's room. All her toys and stuffed "aminals" are now in boxes in the garage waiting to be loaded on a truck. All she has is her bed and a tv. And they somehow *still* managed to make a big mess in that room. I don't know how they do it, honestly.

We still have a bunch of work to do and only a few days to do it in...but we took out a big chunk yesterday. I'm honestly a little worried about how it's going to go once the husband returns to work on Monday. It's so much easier when he's here. Well, he's been the one doing most of the work. He's a pro at packing quickly. Me, not so much.. I want to organize everything and go through it all tp throw out all the shit we don't need.

Good news is, we found something to entertain the baby for a bit. She absolutely *LOVES* one of Boots' balloons. We tie it around her wrist with a slip knot and she giggles (almost, she's learning) and squeals and smiles at it. It's super fucking cute. She's 10 weeks old and it feels like she's so much older...

But, that's all for now. I need get my ass in gear...I'm hoping to get a guest Blogger for y'all but I still have to ask her...finding time to blog over the next week is gonna be hard, and then I'm probably going to be without the internets for a bit once we move...I miss blogging. 

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Miss Attitude


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sexy Sunday

Sexy Sunday

Ooh, it's naughty time! Brought to you by Ange, Ashlee, and Jana!

1.  Which do you prefer the real thing, or toys?  Why?
2.  Does size really matter?
3.  When it comes to oral sex, would you rather give or receive?
4.  What is the craziest place you have ever "done the deed"?
5.  Would you use the C-Spot vibe for clitoral stimulation, or vaginal stimulation?

Don't click the link if you're under 18 or offended by such things.

 1.  Which do you prefer the real thing, or toys?  Why? Honestly, I like both. But ultimately, I prefer the real thing. Real skin just feels better. Plus, minus the vibrating part, there isn't anything a toy can do better than my husband.

2.  Does size really matter? No. Just  because you got a big dick, it doesn't mean you know what to do with it.

3.  When it comes to oral sex, would you rather give or receive? Both. (I know it sounds like I'm cheating by saying that, but what can I say? I loves me my sex.) I get about as much pleasure giving as I do receiving.

 4.  What is the craziest place you have ever "done the deed"? Uh, at  the end of a hallway at Drag Ball. Right by a well traversed doorway. Just to give you an idea of how popular Drag Ball is, here's a few pictures... Yeah, there were people watching for a bit...I almost got that shit shut down the year after.

5.  Would you use the C-Spot vibe for clitoral stimulation, or vaginal stimulation? Again, both. But it has to be a mix of the two. Monotony sucks.

Happy Birthday Mr. Boots


I can't believe you're 3 today...

After having miscarried just two months before I found out I was pregnant again, I  had an insanely frightening pregnancy. I bled for about 3 months, passed massive clots, and there was a few times that they told me my cervix was open and I was probably going to miscarry. I never cried so much in my life and was powerless to do anything to stop it. On the day he was born, they had to take him from me and call up the NICU because he wasn't as responsive as they liked. But he turned out ok and they gave him back to me.

My sweet baby boy...

He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 18 1/2" long. Even though he was shorter and weighed more than Bucket, he looked skinnier. Wrinkled like an old man.

You pioneered the way for a lot of things, little man. Breastfeeding was the first. Even though I wanted to give up so frequently (partially because he was constantly eating), we made it through one year exactly (he self-weaned on his first birthday, no joke). He opened my eyes to the evils of disposable diapers. He was the first to co-sleep. He taught me to parent naturally as opposed to what books, people, or the mainstream said.

My sweet baby boy...

When he was 6 months old, after I got through feeding him, I leaned over him and my hair dangled within arms reach.  He gently ran his fingers through my hair - never once pulling it. I knew from that moment that he was a very special boy. It was also about that time when he and his sister got into their first fight. It was over a sucker - a purple one if I remember correctly. I couldn't help but giggle at what I was getting myself into...
From the time he could walk, he was picking up after himself. He still really likes to clean, although it is a bit harder to get him to do it...but he'll freak out if he can't and someone else does it for him (I have  to give it back and let him do it).

My sweet baby boy...

Speech came a bit slowly for him. For a while, my husband wanted to get him checked out because he spoke almost solely in vowels. But now, he'll talk your ear off and has gotten quite articulate. Hearing him pronounce his s's is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. There's a slight pause and it's drawn out a bit... I need to catch it on  video before it's too late...

He also finally pooped on the potty yesterday! All by himself - no prompting. Just came out of the bathroom &amp; told me, "I went poop!" We have been working on this for such a long time now. He's peed on it just fine, minus a few accidents here and there. I'm pretty sure he'll keep pooping on the toilet simply based on how proud he was.  He then asked if he could go to school now, which is something we told him he could do when he stopped crapping his pants. Boy's got an impeccable memory because we told him that back in August.

Where has the time gone?? Soon you'll be more interested in playing video games and hanging out with friends... Soon, you'll no longer want to be my Cuddle Bear or for me to kiss your boo-boos... Please, don't ever stop being my sweet baby boy. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Six - 9.25.10

BWS tips button

Another Saturday, another Saturday Six with our ever-so-OSM (awesome) hostesses, Jana and Ashlee! If you haven't visited their blogs yet, you shoullllld....

  1. What's the worst advice you've ever taken?
  2. What's your favorite expletive?
  3. Would you sacrifice your life for a strangers?
  4. Are you an organ donor?
  5. What would you want written on your tombstone?
  6. Who would you really like to punch in the face right now?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good news!


A few weeks ago, The Husband applied for another job doing the same thing. Well, he got the job! We were going to get a 3 bedroom townhouse, but since he needs someone on the east side, he's putting us in a 3 bedroom house! There's a couple downsides, the main one being he'll be working in some pretty sketchy areas. But the guy wants someone who's going to be there a long time, so we probably won't have to worry about him being fired. Plus, he's going to reimburse Dan for gas mileage - how awesome is that? He uses his vehicle here soo much, and has never even seen a penny. He'll also be training him to do leasing &amp; even managing one day. He even wants to work on getting him better certified (he's already type 1 hvac certified). The complex he'll be doing the leasing at is right next door to our house (god I love saying that!).

We took a quick look at the house today. It was kind of disappointing, but mostly because it hadn't been cleaned yet. The kitchen floor needs replaced and it has hardwood floors throughout. Generally, it's a nice house, but it does need some work. I want the bathroom vanity replaced. It's old, out dated, and pretty beat up... Dan wants to replace the front door because it has a big window and he doesn't feel safe being that vulnerable. The neighborhood isn't too great, so he also wants to buy a gun and a dog. Bucket likes the idea of getting a dog, me not so much. I already have three kids to take care of...I told him I'm not waking up at night to take the thing for a walk - he can do that thankyouverymuch. I'm also not too keen on a gun either, for obvious reasons...but back to the house! It's an older home, built in the 20's probably. Lots of built in shelving. No dishwasher (this makes Meagan sad), but we plan on investing in one of those island dishwashers since there isn't a whole lot of counter space. All of the rooms are pretty big, there's so much extra space, we don't know what to do with it yet.

I've added some pictures...since I don't know how this is going to upload them, the first is the back yard. It isn't much of a yard, but it's more than what we would have gotten if he got that other job. The second is the built-in shelving in the living room. And the last is what you see when you get upstairs. There's two doors leading to bedrooms on the left, the third bedroom, more built-in shelving, the bathroom's on the right. And far right (mostly out of view) is this big area I have no idea what to do with (it will probably collect clothes lol).

All in all, we're pretty excited. We get to make this OUR HOME! &lt;3

Oh yeah, and for some reason, I haven't been receiving notifications about comments made to the blog. And since I currently don't have a computer with internet right now, I'm blogging from my phone. The only Blogger app on my phone, doesn't show me my comments either. I'm kinda upset about this... Hopefully, though, the notification issue's been resolved since the last time I bogged.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sexy Sunday - 10 Things You ♥ About You

Sexy Sunday

Hoo-ray for Sexy Sunday, because if it weren't for SS, I'd hate Sunday completely. So thanks to Ashlee,  Jana, and Ange for hosting this for us.

If you couldn't guess by the title, the subject is ten things you love about yourself. This one may prove difficult since I've never really thought about what I liked about myself.

1.) I love my eyes. Big and almost black with long eyelashes. Although, I don't really like the skin under them. I always think I have perma-tired eyes.

2.) My lips, even if I always get compared to Angelina Jolie. Our lips aren't similar in shape, only similar in size. Not just alike...

 See? Anyway, I'm rambling...

3.) I love my butt (and I love that Dan is obsessed with it)

4.) I love the shape of my head because I can pull off pretty much any hairstyle, including shaved (which I did 5 months ago to raise money for St. Baldrick's  (very shortly after having paid for that haircut above)).

5.) I love my whack sense of humor that very few people understand

6.) I love that I'm a very resourceful person

7.) I love  that I'm not some mindless drone who'll just blindly follow

8.) I love my ability to truly see things  from both sides 

9.) I love my feet. While they're a bit larger than most people my height, they're cute

10.) I love my body for allowing me to create and carry to term my 3 beautiful children. I've had to say goodbye to four and it took over two years to conceive Kyri

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Six

Yeah, this is another one I missed out on last week. It's been a bit crazy here lately...

Hosted by The Zombie Housewife, with her co-host Boobies, Babies, and a Blog, and a special guest host One Crazy Brunette Chick.

This week it's FMK (fuck, marry, kill). In case you're unawares, you say who you'd fuck, marry or kill...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fawk You Friday


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Respect Mah Authoritahhh!

Dilli @ about 10 mos.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eight years ago on Friday the 13th...


Was the day that Dan and I officially became a couple. With a big jug of Carlos Rossi red sangria, a blanket, and a boom box we walked to the back field of a high school football field and got tanked. We discussed music, mostly. He was very surprised by the fact that I knew of and liked Helmet. Skinny Puppy was also on the playlist, from what I remember. We talked about how we always liked each other and it was him who asked if I wanted to make thing "official" (we're not the type who go on dates and what-have-yous).

As I mentioned yesterday, I was never really in a long term relationship. So, I'm amazed that I have been with him for so long. We've been through some heavy stuff. Things that have ended other couple's relationships.  Times that I've wanted to punch him in the throat. But we've made it through and a stronger because of it.

I love him (even if he has been ultra douche lately) and I'm thankful that we have the rest of our lives to spend with each other.

I would post a couple pictures, but I'm tired (just spent all day working on his résumé - and its the first I've ever written, so my brain is fried). So, I'll update this post tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sexy Sunday - Cheating


Sexy Sunday

It's time for Sexy Sunday! Hosted by the lovely ladies from The Zombie Housewife, Boobies, Babies, & a Blog, Names Will Not Be Changed to Protect the Innocent, and Babes Rockin Mami. I missed it last week because I was super busy... Anyway, this week's topic is cheating.

When I was young, I was in a traumatic relationship & wanted nothing to do with relationships, so for the longest time I had friends with benefits.

You may pass your judgments now...

Done? Ok, good.

Once I did finally start dating, the relationships never lasted longer than 4 months tops. The guys would start ignoring my calls or not returning them. Once this went on for more than a week (I never called more than three times. I hate repeating myself and had a strict 3 strikes rule), I said screw this and moved on. So, things never were "officially over". I guess the spineless bastards thought I would cry or something?? Whatever... so I don't know if y'all want to consider this cheating or not.

I was, however, the other woman. Dan was always my favorite friend with benefits. He was always the first person I went to after a relationship faded out. I knew he had a girlfriend, she was off in Africa at the time and had been for a while. The details are vague because it was so long ago, but I remember talking with him about it before anything happened. I don't know if he ever told her about me, but I doubt it since he doesn't like confrontation. I believe they broke up shortly after she got back, but I'm not sure why. The topic of exes isn't a favorite subject here. But I remember feeling sad when she came back. I wanted to be with him and he wanted to be with me...But I wasn't going to do anything while she was here in the US. Plus, I was a minor and Dan was afraid of my mom pressing charges (she wouldn't have, btw, because so long as they were good to me, they were ok).

So, there you have it. You may throw stones if you wish. .

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smiles & fusses


Lookit what I managed to capture on video this morning.

Looks like we've got another emo kid on our hands! Lol. Dilli boy did the same thing when he was a baby, but not as early.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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It's time for my first Fawk You Friday! A meme hosted by Jana from Boobies, Babies, & a Blog and Christy from I'm Just Sayin'. So if you wish to jump in on this hot meme action, be sure to link back to our hostesses, add the button to yer blog, and then go back and add your link. Easy peasy... Now, for my fawk you's. Fawk you fleas and the dog you rode in on. I specifically stated your dogs could not be here because we weren't trying to get the husband fired. I get it that you weren't aware that they had fleas. But you take them to powwows & they go outside - they're gonna get fleas...But now my kids have flea bites all over them & they scratch them until they bleed. Their ankles are tore up. And with a new baby in the house it makes it even more difficult to get rid of them. Thankfully, they've pretty much left the baby alone (so far). Fawk you memory, or lack thereof. I haven't turned in any of the forms that was sent home with Bucket...and now I can't find them. I suck! Fawk you fall. You bring out my allergies hard-to-the-core. You bring shorter days & longer nights. You bring wet leaves - one of the things I hate the most. And you mean winter is coming...I hate winter. Fawk you Dan. I love you but your seriously working my last nerve. Quit doing whatever you want & start helping me some more with the kids. And stop barking at me for taking too long or forgetting something because you're smirking all the kids duties on me. I'm sure a lot of this behaviour is due to you being emo about not gettin that job, but snap out of it, f'real. Which brings me to, fawk you Fate for not giving Dan that job. We miss seeing our families. We miss our friends. I miss going to parks & going for walks. I wanted my kids to grow up in the same town I did (with diversity & open-minded views) & down the street from friends just as I did...and I wanted that 5 bedroom house! Oh, the things that could have been...So fuck you, Fate for taking that all away. You're a whore & I want to call a mulligan on this one...I seriously hope that you've got something better for us down the line (good luck topping that one). At the very least, I ask that you refrain from dicking us over. Please.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kyri's 8 weeks!


It's hard to believe that she's already 2 months old now. It's also strange to think that she should actually be about 5 weeks had she made it to her due date. Stupid perinatologists....

I have no idea how much she weighs right now. My guess is about 10 lbs.  I don't know how long she is either. But she can still fit in newborn onesies (albeit barely) & she's still too small for 0-3 month pants. And she's finally starting to fit her infant sized prefolds. Starting being the operative word; they're still a little bulky.

I'm still breastfeeding. It got really rough for a bit recently (even worse than previously mentioned), but thanks to Pyur's nipple balm things are better - which I plan on reviewing later.  She is still eating almost constantly, but lately she's been pulling off and crying. I dunno what's going there but it's frustrating. And she still has a horrible latch.

There's a couple of breaks in the day when she's not crying & is just content to sit there taking in everything around her. Those are my favorite moments. But other than that she's crying for food unless she's sleeping, which she's been awake most of the day now.

I know it all frustrates me to no end sometimes, but I know that very soon I'm going to look back and miss these times.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sister love


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just in case you're wondering


Sorry I have yet to reply to the comments everyone left me. I haven't been much in the mood for the computer lately. In fact, I've spent most of my time (cat) napping.

I think we've pretty much moved past the wallowing in grief part to just accepting our fate. As crap-tacular as it may be...we're on the hunt for other endeavors & he already has another job interview lined up. Hopefully, this guy will be able to accommodate our needs as a family & hopefully the apartments/residents aren't ghetto. Dan can't handle cleaning up our own kids' poop let alone some other hoodlum's in the washing machine (yes, people do that apparently). This job is closer to home...if that doesn't work out there are other places but they're much further from our families.

Anyway, I'll be spending the next few days catching up. So check back at the comments you've made, I'll probably be replying. ^_^

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So much for hoping...

He didn't get the job. He called yesterday and said that the reason he didn't hire him wasn't because of him, it's just that he was going to keep what he has right now and if anything changes, he'll call him...He's not going to call, as much as I'd like to believe so. Dan's heart broken. We both are, but him more so. He actually got to see the 5 bedroom house that we could have had and how nice it was. Everything we have hoped for for the past 5 years was dangling right in front of our faces.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Everyone's always got something to say

My parenting style is different from anyone else in my family. I am the first person to be into attachment parenting (AP). I wasn't always though.

With my first born, I guess you could say I was more into the mainstream way of parenting, for lack of a better term. While I attempted to breastfeed, I couldn't.. She had a "super root". Her rooting reflex was so strong it was almost impossible to get her latched on. She'd shake her head back and forth as if possessed. Even after I was lucky enough to get my boob in her mouth, she'd start rooting again. This only led to a pissed off and hungry baby, so I ended up switching to formula. I believed in letting her sleep in her own bed and I usually let her cry it out, especially after all her basic needs were met. Little did I know she probably just wanted to be close to me...She was a quiet baby for the most part and appeared to want little to do with us and would arch her back when we held her (this can be an indication of autism). And since I believed in letting babies entertain themselves, she frequently did her own thing. She didn't spend all of her time alone or anything, just so ya know...Back then though, I rarely heard much about my parenting. Well, except that I needed to keep her awake more during the day so she'd sleep at night.  They didn't know she had sleeping issues, but it didn't matter what I said.

My son was the one who sparked the revolution. I was lucky to be able to breastfeed my son. I did have to supplement with some formula. The boy was literally attached to me all the time (I was lucky to get 15 minutes to myself). OMG, it was  rough and I wanted to give up soo many times...Once I found out both he and I were happier when we fell asleep in the same bed, I began adopting it into my parenting. Thanks to this, I was able to bond with him and realized how special of a baby he was. I mean, what 6 month old baby likes to play and run his fingers through your hair??

But, this is when people began to say stuff to me.

"You should really try to feed him on a schedule" Well, you don't always eat on a schedule, now do you? You eat when you're bored or for comfort, right? You eat when you cry and a baby cries when he wants to eat...And if I didn't feed him on demand then he probably would have ended up malnourished or even worse. He was always slightly underweight. It could have been due to supply issues...But this is why books like Babywise are dangerous. My mother has frequently made that comment to me. Thankfully, she has been working to accept this and even asked if she "was being old fashioned".

No one thought I'd breast feed for as long as I did either. With my son we made it through until he self-weaned a few days after his first birthday. I plan to do the same with Kyrielle. I don't care if you don't agree with it. For one, it's nationally recommended to continue to nurse for up to the first two years of life. For two, he's healthier because of it thanks to breast milk's super powers.

"You let him sleep with you?!" Good God, nothing shocks people more when you tell them you co-sleep and they don't. I acknowledge the possible link between SIDS and co-sleeping, but SIDS can also happen in the crib - hence the term "crib/cot death". There are certain measures that you take when  co-sleeping, just as there are certain measures you take when putting to baby to sleep in a crib. Plus, with all the recent recalls on things like the Nap Nanny and drop-side cribs is it truly safer to put your baby in a crib?? He doesn't sleep with us anymore, though. I gradually transitioned him into his own room and he sleeps just fine..


And once Dillinger got older, he fell in love with Dora the Explorer, mommy's and Dia's shoes, and other girly things. I don't have a problem with it at all, my husband does on occasion. Obviously the people who do,  fear that he will be gay. :Gasp!: Not the dreaded Gay Virus!! :rolls eyes: When my father was up here visiting back in June/July, he kept commenting to Dilli on how "it's gay" that he loves his pink Dora blanket and cup and his baby blue Diego shirt. So what!? He likes what he likes. If he (or any of my kids for that matter) are gay it won't affect me or my husband - we'll still love him just the same. I accepted the fact that you were a pretty shitty dad, why can't you accept your grandson for who he is? It's a good thing my father's a magician and can make himself disappear.

Opinions are like kittens. You can try to give them away all you want, but not everyone wants them. Parenting is hard enough without someone else putting their two cents in.  Unless I'm actually putting my kids at risk by say, leaving my heroin needles out or locking my kids in the car in the middle of summer with the windows rolled up (DISCLAIMER: I absolutely do not do those things), I'd like you to leave me alone...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nervous! Eep!


Monday we hope to have an answer on whether or not Dan has the job. The owner said on Friday  he had to make a business decision & needed more time to try to make it work. I'm not quite sure exactly what that means & what it all entails. But I'm praying that he can make it work. If this falls through I know its going to depress the both of us. As I mentioned previously, this is perfect for us.

If this falls through, Dan said he's going to get his GED & enlist in the army. That is something I absolutely do NOT want to happen. It would take us from our families. It would take him from us. And I start getting separation anxiety sometimes mere hours if I go somewhere without him. If I go somewhere where there's a large crowd, he's the only reason I don't have a full blown panic attack. He would miss out on all of Kyri's first & a good deal of the other two's childhood. And Dillinger will sometimes cry for hours when he has to go to work. And the idea that he might not come back frightens the living piss out of me. I'd be a wreck & insanely depressed.

Now, he's said he was going to enlist w couple times in the past when things got bad for us, but thankfully it got better. I'm 95% sure that he'll do it too if he doesn't get this job.

I'm so nervous I could puke...that's part of the reason why I've been blogging away like crazy today.

All he wants to do is provide for his family... He feels like a failure when he can't. He's miserable here. We all are really, but him mostly.

Oh, please let him get this job...

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Sexy Sunday


W00t for memes! Just when I thought I couldn't become more obsessed with blogging...

Smell that? That's new meme fresh scent! This one's called Sexy Sunday hosted by The Zombie Housewife, Boobies, Babies, & a Blog, Names Will Not Be Changed to Protect the Innocent, and Babes Rockin' Mami. Each week they'll post a list of  naughty questions or a sex related topic for you to post about, if you so wish. Take the Sexy Sunday button and put it at the top of your post, and link back to our hostesses in your post as well.

Since this is adult content, don't click read more if this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable or you're under the age of 18.

Random Dilli cuteness


eta: Sorry about the wind you're hearing. It's not me breathing I swear! It's our super-fan.

He was trying to play Lego Batman. He really wants to play video games like his big sis, but just can't grasp the concept. He kept exclaiming, "I told you...it's too hard!".

As each day goes by, I become more & more amazed at how his language has developed. It wasn't too long ago that he was speaking in almost complete vowels. I was the only one who was ever able to understand him. His vocabulary has increased exponentially...he knows words and phrases that I had no clue about. I love that he's growing up & stuff, but I still miss my baby boy. <3 

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Six


This is my first internet meme that I've ever participated in. Up until now, I was mere voyeur and watched from the sidelines. So, who popped my meme cherry? The Zombie Housewife and Boobies, Babies, & a Blog, two awesome blogs I happened to stumble upon the other day.

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

  • Click on the button above and grab the code
  • Link back to our gracious hostesses: Ashlee from The Zombie Housewife, and Jana from Boobies, Babies, & a Blog.
  • Copy the questions below and answer them in your "Saturday Six" blog post
  • Then enter you info into the linky either at The Zombie Housewife or Boobies, Babies & a Blog

1.)   Name a song that describes you, one that describes your sex life, and one that describes your relationship (or your last relationship if you're single)! 

Myself: Oh Crap...This one's really hard...Uh. "Lips, Tits, Hips" by Tilt, I suppose. I dunno I've never been able to find a song that could describe me...Or "Like Shit" by MSI

Sex Life: "Never Wanted to Dance" by MSI. I'd been with a lot of guys before my husband. He's the only one I ever actually had feelings for and I knew one day I'd have him...It took four years, but. lol

My relationship: "I hate you, I love you" by the Dead Milkmen. I love the man, but damn he pisses me off sometimes!

2.)  Have you ever tried anal sex?  If yes would you try it again & if no would you ever try it? (You can thank Ian for this question, he never got around to asking it for TMM!)

 Yes I have and yes I would. My husband owns sole rights to that one...

3.)  If your teenager wanted a sex toy or a porn movie would you buy it for them?  Why or why not?  (This one was inspired by a debate on CafeMom.com)

Um.  I don''t think I could ever buy any of them a porno. It doesn't give a realistic image of what sex is. Granted sex can be sort of like it if you're just talking solely about what they're doing. But I don't feel like it promotes what a healthy relationship should be. There's no emotion, they're all plastic, it's all fake. I don't believe that a teen can truly know it's for sheer entertainment. And with young girls using sex for attention, I don't think it sends a good message. A sex toy, so long as it's just a simple vibrator, I don't ever hear them, and I never have to see the thing again, I can probably handle. It can't knock anyone up, give them a STD, or anything like that...

4.)  Let's say you commit a serious crime, but are able to get away with it. Could you live the rest of your life without paying your debt to society? OR would you turn yourself in?

The only way I could ever commit a serious crime is if my family were involved. If someone raped/touched/murdered my children guarantee I've got no problem hunting you down and slicing you open from groin to throat. People who harm children get off easily and I could not rest easy knowing that they're going to be out on the street again around other people's children.

5.)  What are the 3 core things you want to instill in your children. (If you don't have kids...assume you do.)

Individuality and the ability to think for themselves

 6.)  Could you ever be in an open relationship? 

I have in the past...I honestly don't know if I could do it again though. I just don't have the desire to have sex with anyone other than my husband. And if I did, I'd have to like them, and that's a no-no in my book.

And here we go...

So we got a phone call from Bucket's teacher already. She had several outbursts today. My husband took the call so I don't know too many details yet... Before Dan told me anything I asked her if something happened at school. She told me she got upset because everyone was winning a red ticket for the prize box and she was always losing. Now granted, I don't know all the details but I knew that prize box was going to be a problem... I don't think I'd have such a problem with it if it was to reward good behavior or for turning your homework in on time or for even passing a test. But it seems like it's possibly a lottery/game. I dunno, maybe I should buy them more toys/trinkets. Maybe then she wouldn't behave like this... She apparently sat in the grass crying & pulling up grass her entire recess. I asked her what about and she said that she was upset because someone was winning a game all the time. Notice a pattern here? I know she has tendency to be a sore loser, but I didn't realize it was to this extent. At home, she isn't that bad with it - but we've had time to work on it with her. She knows she can't win at everything. And I've explained to her that a lot is going to happen in life that you don't like...just so no one thinks I coddle my children...because I don't. She also walked up to the teacher and started tugging on her shirt to ask her a question. This wouldn't have been so bad had the teacher not been in the middle of trying to teach a lesson.  This is something we've struggled with for a while but haven't been able to resolve. Maybe we're not consistent enough on that one. It's an easy one to mess up because what if it's important, ya know?   And there were a couple more outbursts. All in one day. I'm trying to think if something was different or if something happened that would affect her in such a way. She went to bed the same - although she didn't fall asleep until very late, but that's typical. I don't know if she woke up during the night, but it's possible because she does that pretty frequently too. I did pack her a PB&J sandwich this morning vs the ham sandwich she's had the last two days, but I don't think that was it. Plus, I gave her the option... Maybe it was because it was Dan who got her mostly ready this morning because I was feeding the baby? I don't know... I don't raise bad kids. And she isn't like this at home. She's probably having a hard time adjusting (in school all day, can't eat as often as she did at home, etc). And the more I read about Asperger's the more it all makes sense. I've had my suspicions for a few years now, but part of me didn't want to face that fact & another part of me thought it was ADHD (which it could still be an underlying problem....we'll see). I'm just thankful that the teacher understood & will be asking the school psychologist to sit in & observe her. I had already planned to make an appointment, but I'm kind of glad that  it'll be done at school where it seems she has the hardest time. I know that her Asperger's isn't "as bad" as it could be but there is definitely somethin going on. And forgive me if my thoughts seem a bit jumbled...I'm still so surprised... -Posted via Blogaway for Android -Posted via Blogaway for Android

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last night did not end well


Breast feeding has suddenly hit a rough spot. I'm not sure what happened exactly but I'm insanely sore and my nipples are cracked pretty badly. It almost looks like I tried to cut them off...Every time she latches on I have to stifle myself from screaming. But I still cry out somewhat and since it alarms her, she pulls away only making it worse...This sort of stuff is supposed to happen in the early days of breast feeding, not six weeks in.

Last night wad probably the hardest time I've ever had. It took an hour each time to get her latched on and even then it wasn't properly. She cried so much that she threw up. I couldn't stop crying either, partially from pain & partially from frustration. So, after two hours straight of this, I caved and gave her a bottle of formula. I didn't have any pumped milk on hand, unfortunately. Formula was the last thing I ever wanted to use...

The worst thing is I have no relief. No nipple cream because I can't afford it (and after I learned what lanolin actually was, the thought kind of grosses me out). I can't go see a lactation consultant because I have no one to take me. My husband's job won't let him take anymore time off & I have no friends or family around here. All I have is my milk but that doesn't really seem like it's helping. My husband keeps suggesting I start using formula, even though he hates the stuff. I don't know what to do, but I need something....these cuts are borderline bleeding.

I only hope tonight isn't as bad as last night...

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A Very Surprising Use for Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash

I've used Johnson and Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash in the past as a make-up remover. It works really well at removing eye make-up because it's pretty gentle (vs. soap), especially when I'm trying to wash off dark eyeshadow. Well, apparently, it also makes for an amazing stain remover. Breastfed baby poop is a pain to get out of clothes, even though it's water soluble. But since it's yellowy/green to orangey in color, it stains. She's already had a few blow-outs that have gotten on her clothes - usually while wearing disposable diapers. I immediately put her clothes in cold water, tried to get off as much as possible, and then tried pretreating it with our regular detergent, cloth diaper detergent, and baking soda...I tried gently scrubbing with an old toothbrush, rubbing it against itself, etc, etc. It was still there before and after I put it in the wash. Well, a nice neighbor of ours had given us some newborn disposables (I didn't have the heart to tell her I was using cloth). I put it on Kyri as well as a brand new, never-worn outfit that I utterly adore. Something deep down told me she was going to poop all over it. Sure enough she did... I got to thinking about how other baby products have surprising uses (baby wipes for spot cleaning carpet) and decided to give the Head-to-Toe Baby Wash a try. I rinsed off as much poop as I could, applied a bit, and got to scrubbing and rubbing. It worked almost immediately!! I was shocked (and really happy because the best stain remover for baby poop is sunning it and I live in Ohio, n'uff said). Later on, Dan made chili dogs and Bucket got some on her brand new teal colored panda shirt. I jumped on the chance to try it again. This would come as a surprise to those who know me... It took just a little more effort to get it out of the fabric, but it came out. I could not, however, get it off of the screenprint. And unfortunately, it's white. Most of it should come out over time, though. My favorite things about it are it's cheap, has fewer chemicals, and has multiple uses. And the messes come out quickly - anything that is a time-saver is a winner to me! The only thing I'm hesitant to use it on is cloth diapers. I'm not sure if there's an ingredient in it that may mess up my diapers. I need to do some research first... Who'dve thunk, huh?? Next time I'll be sure to take pictures to show you...And perhaps a video?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - My Induction


$50 in Nift Nappy products sounds really nice, doesn't it? ^_^

Yeah I like that idea too. Nifty Nappy diapers are another one that I've heard nothing but rave reviews about. I've yet to try one, but would love to.

Head on over to Mama V's (the woman behind Nifty Nappy) new blog 6 and Still Sane and enter for your chance!

You can also check out her website here

Babee Greens giveaway

Your World: Healthy and Natural is hosting a giveaway for a one-size, organic hemp/cotton diaper. I've heard nothing but great things about this diaper. And unlike a lot of one-size diapers this one can fit little ones as small as 5 lbs.

Enter for your chance to win!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school vent

Ugh, the crap that they put on school supply lists! And since Bucket may be switching schools depending on if we move or not, we have two lists to worry about. We will call out current city's school school A & the other B.  Of course they both have almost completely different lists. School A wants her name on all of her supplies & school B has a few things that are to be shared. I don't have too many problems with school A's list. Except that they're asking me to buy  five or more small prizes for a prize box. While I think a prize box can be a good idea, I don't have the money to buy toys for other people's kids. I rarely have the money to buy them toys period. Outside of holidays and birthdays they get a toy four or five times throughout the year, usually used. And since my husband was home sick for an entire week, his paycheck was really small. We were only able to get the supplies that we have is because her name was drawn in a raffle. I didn't realize that school started next week. For some dumb reason, I thought her school started the second week of September. I don't know why...you'd think I had pregnancy brain... So, she only has half the supplies for school A. School B is in a small, liberal college town. They want 48 sharpened #2 pencils that are to be shared with the class - USA made only. Hey, those made in Thailand pencils she got in her raffle backpack seemed alright to me...Plus, I was looking at their school fees list, the first grade's fees are the most expensive - $52. My sister-in-law was telling me that she has to pay a deposit for an iPad for her kids. They're 6 & 9. And their high school students get laptops. I don't know if school B will ask for such ridiculousness, but I sure hope not... I never had any of that crap & I did fine. -Posted via Blogaway for Android

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thirsties Duo Diaper Giveaway

Nicki's Cloth Reviews is a new blog and will be hosting a giveaway at 50 followers for a Thirsties Duo Diaper. Entering is super easy too.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grapefruit seed extract needs more street cred...


This is some amazing stuff!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was given some grapefruit seed extract (gse) when I got my loaner stash of cloth diapers. It's almost gel-like & has a little dropper to dispense it. And it has soo many uses. It's antifungal, antibacterial, antibiotic, & antiseptic properties.

Our preferred use was to help clear up diaper rash. Just 3-4 drops in 4 tablespoons of water & apply with a cotton ball. Usually, by the next morning his diaper rash was almost gone. We continued to use it even after we went back to disposables. Mix a few drops of gse & witch hazel with water and you've got yourself some wipe solution.

Once he stopped getting rashes, I began using it to keep myself from getting sick. As soon as I felt a cold coming on, I'd add 6-10 drops (depending on the size of the cup) to some orange juice. Do not, I repeat, do not mix it with something like apple juice. It tastes wretched! If you add it to orange or grapefruit juice you can barely taste it. When I first tried this remedy I didn't think it would work, but by the next day I was beginning to feel better.

One of my friends owns a parrot & she said she was looking for something that would safely clean its cage with. I told her about gse & its magical capabilities & she went out and bought a bottle. She sent me a message shortly after thanking me for telling her about it. Not only was she using it to clean her bird cage, she was also using it to clean around the house.

I've used it as a mouth wash & to help keep my lip piercings from getting infected. I also used tee tree oil, especially when it started hurting because it numbs ya up. Don't swallow tea tree oil though, that stuff kills bacteria so well it made my stomach cramp up.

I could go on, but I could probably spend months rambling on about it, probably making it the longest post in the history of ever...so here, let me Google that for you! ^_^

The bottle that was given to me (pictured above, a 4 oz bottle) was 3/4 full when I got it. Here, 3 years later I still have at least 1/3 of it left. And I used it a lot. How awesome is that?! I think it's  time to buy more though, it seems like it's not as effective anymore.

My opinions expressed here are completely my own & I was not compensated for this in any way

How have I not gone completely crazy, yet?

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