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Sunday, November 16, 2008

DazzleMea's OTK Japanese Legwarmers (UPDATED: now with more functioning links!)

I've finally finished my leg warmers!

I know, no one knew I was actually knitting leg warmers, but I've been so busy knitting lately, I haven't had too much time to blog. I started them in September but didn't finish until tonight. As winter was fast approaching, I realized that my family needed things first, and these got put on hold for a bit.

But here it is! My first official pattern!

Download PDF (If you have a problem downloading the PDF, please email me) If you don't like the ties because they can be difficult to use, just work a 2 stitch I-Cord on a set of smaller DPNs. **It's come to my attention that the .pdf is being stupid here's a link to the pattern **

I would update with more pictures, however, my batteries are dead (how dramatic) and I lost the charger.

I learned something while making these though....

Measure often.

I accidentally knitted several rows too many. I tried to fix this mistake by inserting my needle to abouts where I messed up. Well....This yarn is deceiving. I've found it difficult to even measure my gauge. Well, in the process I tilted my needle and the one side was slightly longer.

Lucky for me this pattern is very forgiving! All I had to do was slightly bunch up the button area. And since these are slouchy, you can hardly tell.


ApiusMouse said...

These are WONDERFUL!!

Lauren said...

Hey there!

I just tried to download these and tried the link... neither worked? Link said, blog has been removed... I found this pattern on raverly and very keen to get started asap!

Please let me know if I can still access it?


DazzleMea (Mama4Chaos) said...

So sorry it's taken me so long to update this. I now have 5 kids and knitting, crochet, and this blog had to, unfortunately, go to the back burner for a while...

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