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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I should have mentioned earlier...

I'm shaving my head this Friday, April 16th to help fight children's cancer.


I originally posted a Facebook status about my considering shaving my head...Most of everyone thought - and still thinks - that it's a great idea. Some were shallow in their opinions. About the same number of people reposted the link to donate. And only two people have donated...

It upsets me. Probably a little more so since I'm pregnant...But these people were so quick to help Haiti...No one wants to help children here who may not live to see the next day. My own father didn't help. My sister went tanning. What the hell...

...Just sayin...

I'm fighting the urge to tell these people my opinion of them...But I can't. Not yet, anyway. I'm too hormonal and bitchy to keep my composure...So I think I'll just continue to hermit myself away from them.


@eloh said...

My daughter is on her fourth time for the Locks of Love.

They don't want my old lady white stuff.

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