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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For Those Who Care

Guess who's back?!?

Me. Duh. Who else? ^_~ lol j/k.

Yeah, Little Miss Piggy Baby has begun crawling and entertaining herself more frequently. She's self-weaned and when she does want to nurse, it's from a bottle. Which makes me incredibly sad. i wanted to extend breatfeeding beyond a year, but I just don't make enough. I wish I could afford donor milk, but that's not possible right now. But she's still quite the momma's girl and still sleeps with us. Even if she is a bed hog.

However, more time for me, yayyy! Don't get me wrong, I don't regret it or anything. But nine straight months of pure devotion to someone can be mentally taxing.

We just got Bucket a new pet. Hammy the guinea pig. He's just a few weeks old but growing fast. the only reason why we took him was A.) Our friends have been trying to get "rid" of him for a while B.)He came with food, bedding, and a cage and C.) Bucket reeeeeeally wanted a guinea pig. Mostly C though. He was extremely skittish before but not anymore. She's been almost constantly holding him. I'm hoping this will make her more responsible (you know, as a therapy pet). She's responsible for feeding him, making sure he has water, and changing his bedding. She's actually been begging to change his bedding for the past few days (it doesn't need it, yet)!

Dilli fell and busted his head open a few weeks ago.  Got three stitches in his dome piece. He was climbing out of the playpen - after being told not to - and hit his head on the built-in shelving.

It healed quite nicely though...You can hardly see it now.

My husband and I now have to wear glasses. He has astigmatism, I just have a really weak prescription. I'm having a very hard time getting used to them. I can't see through them if there's a glare. And now, I can't stand it when my hair's in my face as opposed to not caring otherwise.

 Oh! And guess what?! Since I have more time for myself now, I have a new hobby!! Acrylic nails and nail design! They never last long on me because I'm too busy with my hands, but I still have fun doing it. So, expect to see some posts about that as well in the near future.

Feels good to be back though!


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