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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An unexpected father's day gift

Man...sometimes I don't realize how long it has been since I last posted...

Yup. Sunday night I found out that I'm pregnant again. Somehow, the subject was brought up and I decided to take a test (I keep them on hand because of the medication I take). Before the Control line had even showed up, the Test line showed positive. In all the tests I've taken, I've never had a result show up that fast and that clear...

When I first saw the result I started chanting a string of vulgarities. Then I started crying. Keeping it was our only option...I wasn't ready - we weren't ready. I was just getting down to my ideal weight...and I was worried how it would affect my marriage. Things were just starting to get really good between us - better than when we first started dating, even. I went downstairs and told my husband. I don't think he truly believed me until I showed him the test. Lol. He asked about false positives, I told him that's not really possible with pregnancy tests. We talked things out further, he calmed me down (I had given myself heartburn lol), and we realized we were going to be ok.

By the next morning, all my anxieties were replaced with excitement. It was kind of nice, actually. For the first time ever, it didn't take months - or even years - of trying. And having come from a small family,  I've always wanted a large family. I didn't think it would happen...in fact, I had almost completely gotten the idea out of my head. Don't get me wrong, three kids is generally considered a lot, but I didn't want any of my kids having "middle child syndrome". Plus, I don't like odd numbers lol.

Most family has been told, except my inlaws...He's already told all his coworkers. And I'm itching to tell everyone else, even though I'm only 5 weeks along. You would think I'd feel more cautious given my history, but I've got a strong feeling this one's going to stick. I had the same feeling with Kyrielle too, and my pregnancy with her was a breeze compared to the others.


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