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Thursday, August 21, 2008

DazzleMea's Insanely Soft Sloppy Scarf

It’s almost complete. I just need to finish the edging on it. It’s insanely soft and super warm!

So far, this is my favorite yarn to work with. Because it’s so feathery, it leaves room for error. However, it is easy to accidentally make an increase using the knit right loop…So, be careful. I made this mistake. I started out with 29 stitches and ended with 31 (hence “Sloppy Scarf”). Also, it tends to stick to the crevices of your hand if it’s even the slightest bit moist. But despite it’s flaws, I *heart* how this stuff works up.

I plan on posting more pictures of it when it's 100% complete, but I just couldn't resist showing it off now.


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