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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Revamp...or somwthing

So, it appears this little blog will be headed in a bit ofm a new directions for a bit. Life and my arthritis has kept me from my needle work. I know, I'm 25 and I have arthritis...thank you, genetics!

It's frustrating. I really want to knit, especially for the baby. But, it takes me what seems like forever to complete small, simple projects...

So, while I will be posting some knitting-related stuff, expect to see more posts taken from my life, as well as tangents and musings.


Anyway. Key change.

Tomorrow we'll find out whether the baby is a girl or boy. I'm really hoping girl, but of course, I'll be happy either way. But the family really needs another girl in the mix. All of Bucket's cousins are boys, and she really wants a sister. Just today, she was asking if we could name the baby Batgirl. Or Spidergirl. And then proceeded to sing the gender altered "Spiderman Theme Song".

I'm also hoping Dan will be able to record a bit of the sonogram...

But......I'm tired. So bedtime for me! Night!


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