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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My new toys

Tax return. Our Christmas equivelant...However, this past Christmas we were able to get our family stuff.

I got a new camera. It's a Canon A650 IS. It's purdy. And yes, I do understand why it was so cheap. But I didn't care...I wanted it.

Got a photo printer too... It wasn't too expensive. But it's just nice to finally have a printer. We got our computer through Blue Hippo. My advice to anyone who's considering going through them. Don't. Seriously. Save yourself the trouble. They lie to you and string you along the entire time. Six months after we paid them off, we got our TV....A year later, we're still waiting on the printer.

My other big purchase was the Asus EEE PC. I call it My Anus. I got the pink one. I love this little thing. While it doesn't have a CD drive, I don't care. If I really wanted one, I can save up and buy one. The only reason I want one though is because it has Linux.

But the rest of the stuff I got was stuff we kinda needed. I bought an infant carrier cuz I can't work a sling...Slings hurt my back anyway. Got both Dia and Dillinger new clothes. Dillinger some toys. Stuff for the car...Stuff for the home.

This is the first time that we've been able to get ourselves nice stuff. Last tax return we had to pay off payday loans....And the year before, we used it for rent to get us out of the motel. I wish we would have saved some, but actually, I don't really regret it too much.

But with all these new toys I find myself torn on what to do when I have free time...Not like that happens much though. Knit? Or play?


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