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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back in the game

Soo a lotta shit's been happening that's prevented me from knitting. Uh, like breastfeeding damn near constantly. Gah...But he's now eating solids and it's been better.

And as the saying goes "Idle hand's are the devil's playthings". And yeah. We had soo much fun playing together one day that we decided to start a punk/goth/alternative parenting forum. Which for the first few months of it's conception was a nightmare!. AutarChic Parenting <-Come check us out!

Then we were in the process of moving. Not out of our complex, just to a smaller apartment. But that got nixed. After all the work we've done...:grumble grumble:

And then there were apointments and illnesses....And then general business of being a mom of two. Yikes! I never knew...Now that Dillinger's mobile I don't get much time to myself.

Speaking of time, that's all I have for now


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