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Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh me goodness

My, how I suck at updating...

We got our tax return. Which is our Christmas since we can't ever afford it during Christmas time. We spend most of our money on others and leave none for ourselves. Which I don't mind. I love buying for others.

Then the flu hit our house. Oh joy. That wasn't fun. And I think it's starting to circulate again.

I've managed to fix things at home.

And Dillinger's personality is really starting to blossom. It's crazy. However, he's also an imp. He antagonizes Dia like crazy. Pulls her hair, gets in her face when she's trying to play on the computer. He also absolutely loves to dump chips and whatnot on my floor. On average I'm vacuuming about 3 times a day. He also got into my stash while I was sick...I spent quite some time detangling everything. :sigh: I just vacuumed up a Cheetos mess 20 minutes ago. He got ahold of some Fritos I didn't know my husband gave to Dia. And now. They're on my floor.

Dillinger's mittens did not turn out so well. For some reason, the thumb was all wonky in the knuckle part. Luckily though (or maybe unlucky?), winter was over by the time I finished them. Ohio weather...

I'm now working on another bib. Yes. Another one. A friend in internet-land let me borrow some of her cloth diapers a while back. She's going to be having her second child soon. I figure the least I can do as a thank you is make some bibs for her little one. I love cotton bibs. The ones I made for Dillinger when he was a baby were my favorite. So absorbent. Hopefully, she likes them just as much.

I started it the other night and work on it in stints. I'm almost done with it. I just need to do the other tie.


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