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Monday, January 7, 2008

Random thoughts and learning to crochet...

My sister bought me a set of Boye crochet hooks for Christmas. She didn't know exactly what they were for. I was initially a little disappointed - but not much. My husband, Dan, had broken my acrylic hook by chewing on it. The guy's like a ferret...chews on everything...The remote, baby toys, anything rubbery.

I looked up how to start w/the initial chain several days ago. I finally tried to do it Saturday night. I did pretty good...I had to make it up as I went along after that. It was ugly. I finally looked it up though and discovered what I was doing wrong - and man, I was wrong! I can't even describe how off I was... But once I watched one video (from Nextstitch.com) I had it.

Apparently, I crochet right handed. I'm actually left handed. I knit continental. I tried to do it English, but I was feeling lazy and decided I didn't want to use a mirror to try and watch the videos. I'll learn how to throw eventually.

I'm so proud of myself for learning how to crochet so quickly. My grandmother had tried to teach me when I was about 10, and I just couldn't get it. I wish I would have tried harder...I miss her...

I shouldn't be playing with crochet right now. I need to finish the other baby mitten I'm making for a friend. I would have two by now, had I remembered that I was using smaller needles than specified for the pattern. The very first baby mitt was way too small (deja vu?). For the "second" one, I had to cast on about 4 more stitches....


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