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Thursday, January 10, 2008

SlipperMitts and Scarves.... er...Scarf

I finished the final mitt! I started feeling better towards the end of the day, so I picked up my needles and worked. I tried them out on Dillinger. They're too tight around his fists. So we (my and my husband) tried them out on his feet. They fit rather well as slippers. The baby I made them for was born on December 26th, so it should fit him a little better.

I doubt she'll even put them on her baby! :laughs:

It also helped me abstain from smoking. I decided to quit the other day. I only smoked a total of 4-5 cigarettes a day, but I was still super-bitch the first day. Instead of sneaking a smoke break, I knit instead.

But here they are....laying on my couch. Fancy, right? And on

I've also begun knitting a scarf. I'm thinking that it'll be for myself. It'll be from Jo-Ann Sensations Beautiful in green and Caron Bliss in plum on the ends. I'm also going to crochet around the green edges in plum...And maybe I'll do the opposite around the plum with green. It depends on how much yarn I have left over. I just hope I have enough of the Caron Bliss to do what I need to do. I doubt it.


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