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Friday, July 30, 2010

Also brought to you by...

...The Cloth Diaper Report is another contest sponsored by Nicki's Diapers. Nicki's Diapers is another great place to buy cloth diapers as well as mama goods, breastfeeding supplies (even nursing pets!), baby carriers, and much more. They even have a gently used section. All gently used diapers are from their "15 day wash" program - which is a try it out package. So by gently used they really mean gently used!

Anyway, this giveaway is for a Best Bottom diaper cover and 3 inserts. The Best Bottom diaper system is a one-size AI2 set. This one has 3 different sizes of inserts which, while I haven't tried this system (but would love to), seems like it would offer a better fit for your baby by reducing bulk. This giveaway ends 7.31 so hurry!

Click here!


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