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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So, last week I went in for an ultrasound on Thursday or Friday (suddenly I can't remember). I was 37 weeks.. I guess she was weighing a little over 8 lbs & my AFI was 33. AFI means amniotic fluid index & the normal range is between 12 to 18. they are worried about her being a big baby. Plus, with all that extra fluid its possible that the cord can relapse, killing her. So they advised I be induced. As much as I dont want to be induced, I've been through far too much for something to happen now...

I have an amniocentecis tomorrow morning to check her lung & see if her lungs are developed enough. If they are we'll talk about induction within the next week. If not we'll have to wait until 39 weeks. I'm nervous about the amnio. But they also scheduled me for an NST right after to make sure she's ok and I also have a regular check-up with my OB.

I'm so ready for her to be born. I wish I could enjoy these last moments of pregnancy considering it'll probably be my last...but I'm in so much pain. It hurts to walk, sit, or lay down for too long...

Anyway, it's late and I have to be up super early so I'm headed to bed now. Night!   


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