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Friday, July 30, 2010

Family & Blog News

Kyri swimming in her diaper.
Well Kyri is two weeks old today(yesterday)! Tomorrow (today)* would be my due date. She's got her first check-up later this evening  but she's already much bigger (7 & 1/2 lbs & 20"). Still technically too small for her cloth diapers though. I'm trying to convince my husband to buy some newborn prefolds & a couple newborn covers for $60 instead of paying nearly $80 for disposables. However, we don't really have that kind of money right now so he'd rather spend  $13 a week on a package of disposable diapers...Stupid doctors & stupid me for letting myself believe that she was going to be a big baby. Although today, it seems the prefolds are working out better than they were yesterday...So maybe we won't have to buy any. Either way, we only used what's been given to us. I'm hoping they'll work out for us at night...I sure do hope so... Piggy Baby has become quite the tiny handful in the last couple days. Especially today, omg...I've been holding her allll day. Within 5 minutes of laying her down, she'd wake up, usually wanting to eat. At one point I had to give her a bottle because I had to get the other kids ready for Kyri's doctor appointment. I was really trying to avoid that. It seems she has a bit of nipple confusion... And she fussed while I was giving her the bottle! Dan gave her the rest of the bottle once we got home...laid her down - she woke up again rooting & smacking her lips. Normally, I'm an on-demand feeder, but I can't really this time. Not to seem uncaring for my baby's needs & as much as I'd like to as I did with my son - but I've got two other children...No, I don't go all Babywise & require that she be on a set schedule or anything, but if she can be quieted either by soothing or pacifier, then I'll put off a feeding by a bit. I really need to get a baby carrier though...I really want a Moby wrap, but they're rather expensive, so I'm probably going to just make my own. Hopefully, this weekend once my husband gets paid. We're a bit extra low on money this paycheck due to Kyri's early arrival. My poor husband was so surprised by the induction that he rushed out of the house ill prepared & the hospital was a 40 minute drive. Bucket & Boots have adjusted rather well to having a new baby in the house. Dilli I am most surprised by...He wants to hold her frequently, showers her with kisses, gently touches her head...He has even been letting daddy put him to sleep! Something I was sure we were going to struggle with. Everyone thought he was going to have such a hard time adjusting and that he'd be very jealous. He even used to give me the stink eye when I'd hold another baby. The only change in him that I've .noticed so far is he's been asking for a lot of hugs. And he always wants to go to work with Daddy. Even if he stops in for just a second. But I think he started doing that right before I went in to the hospital...but or course, I always give him hugs when he asks & I try to give both the kids "Mommy Time" when I can... My husband cut both the kids' hair last week. My daughter has only ever had her hair cut one other time. Well, there has been two incidents where she took scissors to her own hair, but it was pretty easy to hide...Her hair is now the shortest it's ever been. I have never been particularly keen on getting their hair cut. But Bucket has super thick & wavy hair. She gets miserable in the summer & since her hair easily get tangled, doing her hair quickly becomes an issue. Images will come later. I've been posting all my personal posts from my phone lately. So excuse any errors I've made with grammar & spelling. I'm generally pretty picky about my posts. Oh yeah! Almost forgot. In blog news: As I mentioned before, its time for a change. I've changing my blog's name. Since I'm not blogging as much about knitting anymore & more about diaper giveaways & parenting, I don't think it makes sense to keep the name "Screeching Needles". As sad as I am to see that name go. :sniff sniff: I've decided on "Complacent in Chaos" as the new name. I figured I'd do it now while no one's looking. I've made a button for my blog as well.If you'd like to help a growing blog out by promoting my blog, I'm happy to return the favor. Just send me an email mea.fish@gmail.com


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