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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fawk you Friday - 8.25.11

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Hosted by the lovely J from Boobies, Babies, & a Blog and Christy from  My Mad Mind.  Fawwwwk yeah!

***This post contains mild language. Unless you consider "fawk" to be coarse...then I guess you're fawked (duh-dun-tssss!)***

Fawk people who think I have no life. Don't think that just because I've got three gremlins and baking another I just sit at home all the time.

...Ok. So I usually do. But not all the time. Not lately. But I'm not just gonna drop what I'm doing on a whim because you decided to wait until last minute to ask. I need a warning. In the words of Loto Ball from The Phantom Limbs, "Dammit I've got plans that I don't even know about". Call me an asshole, I guess...

Fawk you guy for buying the house next to me, fixing it up, and renting it out. It hasn't happened yet, but there were already people looking at it... Soon, I can't enter my kitchen without wearing pants. Ha-rumph!

Fawk my skin right now. Lately, my face has begun peeling. It's not a sunburn, because I don't tan. It's hormones. My nose has begun peeling/flaking so badly. Its now spreading to around my mouth. My skin has become more oily than usual (when it rarely is). And when I wash my face, it dries out...so I apply moisturizer, but then my face gets oily again. It's a vicious circle... This happened mildly when I was pregnant the last time but not this bad. I'm really at a loss of what to do right now... =[

Fawk you ants for breaking into my sugar. And fawk you for crawling up my arm and causing me a damn near heart attack. I have a phobia of too many legs attached to one, bitey mouth... While I can *somewhat* tolerate butterflies because they don't really have a mouth. I had three of those little freaks try to take my arm off this morning. I then spent the next few hours randomly slapping, brushing, and scratching myself (you should see it when I see a spider or centipede :gag!:). All I wanted was a cup of coffee...Now I have to drink it black. Even writing about it makes me itchy...

Fawk me for leaving my lotion out. I co-sleep with my youngest and this morning she woke up very quietly. I awoke to farty noises which I immediately realized was the lotion. All over the baby, all over the couch. =/

Other than that though, it's been a pretty good week, and I've been much happier now that I've gotten off my personal Facebook page. I'm starting another one, mostly so I can keep up with my blog fan pages. Blogger's reader hasn't been keeping up with your posts...


Carrie's Rambles said...

Oh, I am sooooo with ya on the bugs. I freaking hate them. Find one and swear I can feel them on me for hours after.

Mad Mind said...

Many years ago we lived in a house that was infested with those frickin' ants. Every year I would buy out the stores for anything that wouldn't hurt the kids but get rid of the ants. Yikes!

DazzleMea said...

I hate em! Hate em hate em hate em!! There's a couple kinds we get; the little, brown/black ones and the big, fat carpenter ants. The latter were the ones in my sugar...presumably shitting all up in it, too. I threw it all out. lol. There's a big colony of ants under our home...We usually use this mint spray that kills them alright...

Anonymous said...

Ants have been horrible here too!

The lotion sitch..I relate. My older son once woke up early in the morning and proceeded to compile a mixture of eggs, ketchup, & flour into my carpet. UGH!

You have to wear pants in the kitchen now??? That's just not right!

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