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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mom Cave

In the seven plus years since having kids, I've never once gone off and had a "girls' getaway". My husband has never been without me and in sole charge of the kids. There's been a few times when I've gone off with my aunt when she was visiting and I went off on an evening with her...but that's really been it. I guess it would help if I was any good at maintaining friendships.

I've actually been considering leaving my husband for the weekend and staying with my mom, just so he can have an idea of how hard it really is. I will ask him for help with the kids and you'd almost think I asked him to cut of his arm. Naturally, this pisses me off to no extent. I could really turn this into a separate post of its own, so I won't go into details. He's not a complete douche, just so you know (you're only hearing what I put out there...), but he does whine like little baby.

I do, however, have a "Mom Cave" which I've only created recently. It isn't much, but it beats the bathroom, which was my hidey-spot before. It's down in the basement. I've got my little desk, ashtray, nail stuff if I feel like doing my nails, carpet remnants, my makeup, and colored lights. Unfortunately, it is prone to mildew, so right now, it's quite cave-like. But I'm hoping to get some mildew-resistant curtains, furniture, and pillows.

I like this one...I know it's a shower curtain, but I was looking at outdoor curtains and didn't like most of them. Too plain, which just isn't me. I think it'd look good with some light grey curtains as well... Although, if I can find me some nice burgundy and chocolate curtains, I'd totally go for that. That's one of my favorite interior design color combinations.

I know the basement isn't, uh, glamorous...at all. But it works. Since we have hardwood floors, I can hear virtually everything. I'm not down there for long, unless I'm babysitting the washing machine, and even then I wait until my husband's home. I think it's important for us stay-at-home parents to have someplace we can go to catch a break, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Do you have your own in-home retreat? Or do you catch micro-vacations in some other way?

And just for some added fun, here's some Louis C.K. (content warning: language and some may not get his sense of humor. Towards the end (after he talks about not judging other parents) is one of my more favorites)


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