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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Train - 8-30-11


 Tuesday means it's time for the Tuesday Train with My Mad Mind and With Faith, Family, And Friends, The Survival Mama, and The House on the Corner. Come join the fun and link up with our hostesses!

Last night, I went to the ER because I thought I may have had a blood clot in my leg. It was extremely sensitive and was sending shooting pains up my thigh. A few days before, the same pain was below my knee. Being pregnant and possibly having Protein S Deficiency, I wasn't taking any risks. Well, it turns out, I have shingles. It's pretty rare to get it during pregnancy. Of course, I did, cuz that's just how I roll. It's super painful (to the point where clothes hurt), but thankfully, I don't have too many blisters. Just on a small patch of my lower back and thigh. I think it may be spreading a bit...but we may have caught it soon enough for the meds to kick in. In fact, that's the only reason why I'm able to grab a few minutes here and there to write a bit here and there (and I have my phone so I can type in bed). The baby should be fine, they said. Although, I did read that there's some mild concern since shingles is from the same virus as chicken pox. I just have to worry about giving my youngest daughter chicken pox. And I feel bad for my kids and wish I could cuddle with them...or let alone, let them touch me.

I'm going to try my best to keep up with my blog, but please be understanding. It's kind of hard at times to form thoughts correctly thanks to the pain meds. If you're here from the Tuesday Train, please feel free to read around and comment. I also follow back.

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April said...

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DazzleMea said...

Yes, if Vicodin-induced vomiting, a 4.5 hour trip to the ER, and extreme pain constitutes a "sweet week", then I've had the sweetest ever.

mmbear said...

I am a new follower from the blog hop and I am following you thru GFC and RSS Feed. I cannot follow thru FB right now and its a long story so please check out my post dated August 20th on the Weekend Blog Hops. As soon as they take care of it I can follow. I will leave it up to you if you want to follow me now or wait until I can follow you first. Either way I understand. Follow what you can and I will be happy! Thanks so much and have a great day!


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