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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fawk You Friday - I shouldn't be, but I am...

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This week hasn't been too bad....But Dan's been home all week with a sprained ankle, and I woke up cranky this morning. I shouldn't have...but I did.

I'm blaming this partially on the fact that I've had to wake up at 6:30 everyday since Tuesday. I'm not used to this shit. I honestly miss Dia being home schooled and me getting to wake up whenever the hell I wanted. But that's it, really. Her school's been great so far. I just don't particularly enjoy waking up at that time when I am still having mild insomnia (although, thankfully, it's not as bad as it was).

Fawk my husband (expect this every week). Back when we first started having kids, we agreed that whoever had to get up first got to sleep, while the other would wake up at night to take care of the kid. Well, I didn't work then, didn't have a kid in school, and we didn't have a whole army of kids then either. But, guess who was still sleep deprived when they had to get up at twat o'clock even when he didn't have a job and it was me working? Guess who's still getting up at 6:30 am even though he's been off work all fucking week? Quit acting like you're more important than I and wake the fuck up. Cuz when I see you there, drooling all over your pillow, it makes me want to rip it out from under you and suffocate your face with it. I already told him this shit is gonna stop when the baby comes.

My advice to women considering the same deal as I made? Don't agree to it...It only creates resentment and arguments. Granted, there's been times when he has gotten up with them, but honestly, it's not been enough.

And btw, I've been working on the next installment of my cloth diapering tips, but it's taking a bit longer because I think too much about what I want to say. This is also why it takes me so damn long to reply to comments. Fawk my OCD...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, these agreements NEVER pan out. Since I breastfed, my husband used that as the perfect argument as to why it was ME who needed to get up. I've done every single sleepless night since I had my first baby almost 15 years ago. Men. Can't live with them--can't find anyone who will take them.

Nikki Darlin' said...

I so know how you feel. It sucks when your the only one getting up. Hope things get better one that part.

Stephanie said...

We try to alternate but there are some days where one does more then the other.

He better get it together!

Dazee Dreamer said...

yeah, looks like you got took by that husband of yours. tell him its time for a new contract. :)

Mad Mind said...

I've spent a very long time being the one responsible for just what you are describing. Stop it now or you'll be 28 years in like me and nothing will have changed.

DazzleMea said...

No they don't work...And I think it only feeds into the idea that men should be less responsible for raising their children. In all the asshattedness that it is. It takes two to make 'em, two to raise 'em. Well not necessarily. But if I wanted to do it on my own, I would. And believe me, it's something I don't keep quiet on (generally, we don't hold anything back when it comes to things we do that pisses the other off). Which is the point it's been getting to ever since I got pregnant again. Which has me wondering if it isn't due to him being scared of the future. Not saying it's an excuse, but I know he has the ability to be an amazing husband.

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