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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Spy...


I've been excited about this new meme with My Mad Mind, Names Will Not Be Changed, and Dazee Dreamer. I'm generally kinda weird about posting my own photos. Not because I'm overly private, but...well, I'm weird, I guess. This week's themes are "weathered" and "blogger's choice".

However, I just went to the site where all my photos were hosted, and 
they're all gone...I want to cry. While I have many photos on an external hard drive, I think my husband deleted them.


 My husband pulled out all the day lilies (save two) from our flower bed that lined our patio. It rained heavily that year, and by the time the year was through, all that was left was dirt and a scattering of mulch. Every time it rained, dirt would splatter everywhere...All over the patio, on the windows, and all over the plants.

This was the closest to weathered as I had...
Ok...I cheated and "weathered" a photo...lol. Well, I edited it quite some time ago. This was back from when I shaved my head to raise money for children's cancer research. I believe I was 6 months along with Kyri at the time.

Blogger's Choice

 I miss the days when she used to act like she loved her brother...She used to be so sweet with him. Now, they do nothing but argue.


Martha in PA said...

Love the droplets! Lily leaves are great for that, I have some very similar! Sorry about the pics. I have over 10K pictures on my PB account, and I have them backed up in multiple places!

Mom on Caffeine

Ange said...

I LOVE your photos. I also love that you shaved your head for a good cause. You are just one cool ass chick.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love all of your shots. I love day lilies and get sad when it is winter. I love how you "weathered" your photo. Cool

Thanks for linking up. :)

Mad Mind said...

Just so you will have hope, they will get along again one day. Mine did. I don't think you were off on the weathered theme. It's awesome!

These are just prompts. We want to see how YOU interpret that category. That's the fun of this. I would not have thought of it that way. It's great!

DazzleMea said...


@Christy I hope they do...My mom has a hard time handling the two together. Yet I know for a fact that my sister and I were horrible to each other (ok, so mostly me. lol). I just worry because she literally wants NOTHING to do with him and how her Asperger's might affect their relationship.

And thanks for appeasing the Worry Cat. I've seen some memes with super strict rules, so...

Thanks for hosting! ♥

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!

The fact that you shaved your head for such an AMAZING cause--well, that pretty much rocks!

Your kiddos are adorable, but you already knew that!

Stephanie said...

Love them! Amazing that you shaved your head for that!

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