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Friday, September 23, 2011

The good, the bad, and the Fawk You's

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The good...

My husband got a new job! He starts Monday. The pay is really good for entry level and, provided he can learn how to run the machines, it's something he can "hang his hat on". He was hired right on the spot by the head honcho.

My first review and giveaway is coming up. I'm really excited about it! I don't want to divulge too much info about it yet. So stay tuned.

The bad...

My husband is going to be working third shift and 12 hour days, 5 days a week. This means I have to get used to sleeping by myself...Even when he has insomnia, I'm waking up every couple of hours and making him lay down with me. This also means he's going to be pretty much non-existent during the week, and possibly on Saturdays. I honestly am worried about my sanity and how I'll manage with 3 (4) kids.

My father-in-law wants us to stay until spring.  I think, partially, it's because he wants us around, but mostly so we have plenty of money to fall back on. Which, is fine, I want that too. But I worry that we'll wear out our welcome. And I know that my kids can become a bit much and don't want to add any unnecessary strain on them. I was hoping to have my father and his family come up and stay with us shortly after the birth, but I doubt this will happen now. My in-laws are also heavy smokers. While I'm a smoker, I smoke outside or in my mom cave, and I'm not going to ask my ailing in-laws to smoke elsewhere in their own house.

My husband won't be able to take time off once the baby arrives. The factory he'll be working for does vacation time in this weird way to where he won't have any until 2013, I believe. This blows goats. He will maybe take a day (mayybe two) for the birth, but that's it.

Back the good for a second...

All of my husband's time away may actually do some good for us. While I'm not looking forward to being a theoretical single mother, it may improve our relationship.

The Fawk Yous 

We had posted my husband's huge collection of Magic the Gathering cards on Craigslist. Five thousand cards for $125. I have been bombarded with emails about what rare cards were in this lot. Would we take more pics? Will we take $50 for them? I have been conversing with this one nerd in particular all friggin' week.  At times, I was yelling at my computer screen because of his jackassery. Here is our conversation over the last week. I've omitted personal info, and what I wanted to write will be italicized.

Him: How huge a set of mtg.. Ill take them now.. U have any pix.. Or info..
     2nd email: I have cash in hand.. Just let me know..
Me:There's approximately 3000 cards. Including rares, uncommons, land...and commons, naturally. New and old editions. Would like $150, but price is negotiable.

If you have anymore questions, let me know. Thanks.  

~I attached some pictures which didn't send properly. The next several emails aren't of much importance. Just sending pics.

Him: Well the pix were clear.. But I have 5 of most of the rares and 20 lightning bolts.. So unless there are more rares that u can list.. Maybe 50-75  Well, good for you. But there's no way in hell you're getting these for $50. 

Me: Here's a pic of a number of rares. Don't know if you can see it, but there's a fatty stack of rares in there, too. There's still over 100 more. And I underestimated my original count of 3k, it's closer to 5k cards (counted a hundred rares. Used it for measuring). Won't take less than 100 for them, which is a great deal. I wish I catalogue things ffor you, but we're pressed for time. ~I attached another pic of more rares. At this point we were getting angry. We could tell he was trying to play games with us. But we continued to converse with him since he seemed interested. 

Him:  I can see most pretty clearly..well there are only 100 rares.. No, dummy...Can't you read??

Me: There's a hundred there. There's more that you can't see...I've got three kids to take care of, I can't go any lower. There's three other people looking at them, take it or leave it. Don't mistake my parenthood for weakness...This was just a nice way of telling you you're being an ass. 

Him: Guess 100 isn't too bad... Did u sell them already? No, it's not. There's 5,000 cards there.

Me: Yes they're still available, for now.

Him: Well.. How far off of [the highway] are u guys.. R u close to [the] mall?

Gave where abouts. 

Him a few days later: So did they sell in your yard sale? Or are they still available.. :blink blink: 

Me: No, we didn't put them out. I was going to post them on Craigslist. If you're still interested, the price is still $100.

Him: Oh.. Well that sucks...lol.. Good thing I didn't come out.. Well likd I said from the pix .. I have most oh the rares.. I could maybe do 50-75. For them all.. Don't give a shit how many of the rares you say you have. I said the price is $100. If you don't want the rares, sell them on Ebay. 

Me: He didn't put them out on purpose...Didn't want greasy hands just thumbing through them. We're not going to sell them for any less than $100. If you bought this at $100 you're getting each card for like 2 cents. If I go any lower, I might as well just give them away - and that's not happening. lol

Him: Well that's good u wanted to protect them.. Well maybe 75-100 somewere in there could work.. Did I stutter?? 

Me (very pissed off at this point): $90 is the lowest we'll go. That's it... Dickface...

Him: Well can u maybe take another pic of the other rares for me.. Ill c if I have any.. Then go from there..is that cool.. Well, can you kiss my ass? No it's not cool. I've done enough for you. Gone way lower than we wanted.  I didn't even reply, because nothing I wanted to say could be put nicely. At this point, he could offer $200 and we wouldn't take it. It's insulting. 

Him a few days late (this morning)r: So no pix? Fuck off. I don't think I'm going to reply to this one either. 


Mad Mind said...

Sorry about the work hours. Sometimes it does help with a bit of space. I do not like dealing with people on Craigslist. The only good thing about it is that it's usually local if there are any problems. Of course you still get the nutjobs out there.

Boobies said...

People on Craigslist are morons...well except us. ;)

Congrats on your husband's new job. My hubby used to work nights and I HATED it. But I have no doubts you'll adjust somehow. Can't he apply for FMLA to take a week or so off work after the baby comes? I'm pretty sure they can't deny him that.

Hope you have a fab weekend!

DazzleMea said...

That's a good idea, I hadn't thought about that. Thanks! I don't know *if* he'll do it, though, because that's a lot of money missed out on. We had planned on using vacation time. But, it's definitely something I'll bring up to him.

Amanda said...

Congrats on his job. Sorry about the hours. Will y'all still be able to make time for each other? I don't have kids so I don't know how that works. And fawk the card nerd. Obviously he's a moron.

DazzleMea said...

Thanks, Amanda! Not really during the week. He'll be awake for about three hours before he has to go back in. Maybe on the weekends, provided Saturdays aren't mandatory. My stepdad also works there and usually, his Saturdays are mandatory, but my husband has a different position so it could be different.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Thanks so much for that riveting conversation. Just reading his words I could hear his der, der, language.

Felicia said...

Ugh I hate people like him. I have a friend who was wanting to sell some cards like that, different type, and people kept trying to under pay.

Congrats on your husbands new job! I feel you on living with someone while trying to put money back. It's hard as can be. We are staying with Mike's Granny trying to do the same thing. Hard doesn't begin to describe it. Hang in there the money is so worth it!

DazzleMea said...

@Felicia, I don't know what it is about these card players...I don't know why they pretend that rares are the only good cards in the game(s). We did finally sell them, though. To someone who'd lost all of theirs in a flood. So they went to someone who will appreciate them. Thank you. I keep telling myself the same thing, "It will be worth it". =)

Stephanie M said...

I would talk to him again except to bitch at him. Idiots!

Yay for the job!! Third shift is lame though, you get so used to sleeping with someone!

DazzleMea said...

lol. Yeah, and the guy had the audacity to send me *another* email saying, "Still don't see any pix". I simply told him I sold them. Asshat...

I have adjusted better than I thought I would, but I've been so overworked this past week.

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