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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

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I'm posting this from my phone for the first time, so I dunno how this will post the html...just a, uh, heads up... oh and since I'm posting from my phone, no page jump. So there...

Another dose of the fawk yous brought to by Christy from I'm Just Sayin', and Jana from Boobies, Babies, & a Blog.

Fuck you Columbia Gas. One if your dumb ass reps misinformed us about the gas being turned on on Thursday. Because we missed the appointment we thought we needn't be present for, we now get to go a week without hot water & heat. We get to drive 15-20 minutes to take a shower. I have to take my cloth diapers there to be washed as well. At least for the first wash... And we're not gonna have a stove or fridge for the first few days as it is.

Fuck people who like to play games with people's hearts.  If you knew your WiFi was so shitty, don't you think it best to post your correction in a public place so you could SEE it or do a BCC to use sort of as a receipt? Just saying...

Fuck me for owning so much shit. Seriously, its too much shit to pack. And then the kids come along behind me pulling stuff out of the boxes that I've already packed. It's annoying...

Fuck this cold. I don't want to pack...I just wanna lay in bed all day...I feel like shit.

Fuck my husband for losing his keys. That set us back an entire day. His work keys (which the company probably would have sued us over), the car keys, the new house keys, and our apartment keys - all on one key ring that  he left at Conrad's...

Fuck Conrad's for closing at 6 pm. That's a stupid time to close, ya know...could have gotten shit done.

Fuck us for not having the money right now to get our cat spayed. She's been in heat for 3 FUCKING WEEKS! She's ultra friendly and super vocal to begin with. It's 100 times worse when she's in heat.

Fuck rental truck companies. It's highway robbery, I tell ya. And the guy at the uhaul place said we could return the truck at anytime. If anytime means by 12 pm, then I'd have liked a warning...we have to call out everyone (some live as much as an hour away) much earlier than we had already told them. Thanks guy...

~Posted via Blogaway for Android

~Posted via Blogaway for Android


Ange said...

I am so with you on owning too much shit. We began moving into our new house today and my husband said I have to get rid of some stuff because he is not going to do this again ever.

Crazy Brunette said...

Bitch, I have a pretty large house and I'm STILL sticking shit in closets so I dont have to look at it!

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