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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mama Still Wears Gucci: A Call to Arms, So to Speak

Mama Still Wears Gucci: A Call to Arms, So to Speak

Hey hey, people....There's a family in some serious need of help. For serious. Take just 5 minutes of your time to click the link above and read the story.

Please, don't be a douche bag. Help out any way you can.

I cannot donate at this very moment. We're moving and we're struggling just to get the gas turned on (thanks to ass hatty-ness on Dan's part, we're barely gonna have enough to move). But I'm totally going to go through my stuff once we move, send what I can, bake/send food, and do whatever else in my power that I'm able to do.

Please, do what you can. Forgo the Starbucks, or the McDonald's, or the nails or tan - for just ONE time - and help. This family needs it. Not only physically, but emotionally, I'm sure.

I know you've seen those Facebook statuses along the lines of "we help so n' so across seas, but we're not willing to help the people in our own country". Well, now is the time to prove you're not that douche bag.

There's a couple of blogs that are doing giveaways as an incentive for helping. I know Gucci will be giving away a pair of glasses once we reach a certain dollar amount (I'm not telling you because I want you to read it), and Ange is giving away some adult toys. I get the feeling though that there's more coming...


Gucci Mama said...

Ha! I love your admonishment not to be a douche bag! Brilliant!

Thank you so very much for spreading the word!

There is plenty more to come; we have raffles and silent auctions and all sorts of fabulousness in the works. Thanks so much for getting on board with us!

Good luck with the move. ;)

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