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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Six - in the bedroom

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So I missed the last few Saturday Sixes...:cries:...last week because I just straight up forgot it was Saturday and the two times before that was due to the move. I was so sad  too, I really enjoy Saturday Six (which is hosted by Jana from   Boobies, Babies, & a Blog and Ashlee from  The Zombie Housewife ). And, as I mentioned before, I'm posting from my phone & it doesn't handle html so I have to post a nonfunctioning button. But if you can't figure out how to follow the link it provides, then you're just stupid and should probably put the mouse down (hint: copy & paste).

This week its all about what you do in the bedroom........to sleep, you pervs.

How many hours per night/day do you sleep?

Well, I used to be lucky to get 4 or 5 hours, but lately Kyrielle's been sleeping about 7 hours a night. But I kinda get the feeling that this may be changing. Makes me kinda sad, but it's a natural thing for newborns to do, so...Since I'm a SAHM, I try to squeeze a nap in during Dora or something. its only for about 20 minutes though.

Night owl or morning person?

I can go either way. Partially due to bouts of insomnia. When that isn't plaguing me, I'm more of a morning person. Kinda have to be with kids who wake up at ass o'clock.

What do you wear to bed?

Usually, a shirt and some undies. But Dilli's getting a bit too old and he's been climbing into bed with us/me (depending on where the baby's sleeping), so that's kinda been coming to an end.

Do you have any sleep crutches? (Sleep with a radio, fan, tv on? Have to have something in particular in order to doze?)

I have to have a fan on. Have to. And so does the baby...I usually have the tv on too, but sometimes that changes to requiring the tv being off. Also, I need st least one squishy pillow. I have two, and I prefer both, but if I'm elsewhere (hospital, mom's, etc) I have to have at least the one. I commandeered both of them from Dan while pregnant with Bucket and he has yet to let me forget (She's 6 1/2). Whatever, he took my hoodie which had THE MOST AWESOMEST hood in the world...and he lost it. Fucker.

Do you remember your dreams when you wake?

Mostly, no. Sometimes I'll remember bits and pieces throughout the day. Sometimes I can't tell if I dreamt it that night or a previous night...but that's all the work of Dream...

Any strange stories about sleep walking/talking or anything if that nature?

I don't sleep walk or anything but my husband sure does. He once told me how his mother threw a soaking wet pillow at him one morning. She swore up and down he snuck out. But really, he opened up the window in the middle of the night & threw his pillow outside. He doesn't do stuff like that anymore. No,  instead he sleep makes out. Countless times he's woken me up in the middle of the night kissing me like a 15 year old boy. Usually, he'll just up and stop and leave me hanging, but one time we even had sex. No joke. And he only had a tiny memory of it the next day. He'd probably kill me if he knew I was telling you all this. Good thing he doesn't read this!  But yeah, he's not allowed to sleep next to anyone...

~Posted via Blogaway for Android

~Posted via Blogaway for Android


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