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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sexy Sunday - one night stands

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Ok, since Blogaway doesn't like html I have to cheat here and post the image with the code separately. It's a non-functioning button, but the idea's the same. Sorta. Well, the link's still there! You just hafta use yer brain meats... Sorry, but this is the way it's gonna be for a few until I gets the internets.

Apart from our usual hostesses,  Ashlee &  Ange, we have a guest host! Her husband, Jason from  ...and they think I'm crazy  .

Well...rules is rules...:said in her best impersonation of Tobi:

Post the sexy Sunday button in your post. (I sorta broke this one...ooh, rebel, rebel!)

Follow all our hosts blobs, and link back to them in the post.

And if you can't figure out how to add a link, punch yourself in the face...just sayin.

And now for the Q&A:

1. How do you feel about one night stands?

Well, considering that's how I met my husband, I think they can be awesome. Plus, after having been in an abusive relationship, I found it to be beneficial for me. I had ample time to figure things out while still getting what I wanted.

2. Would you judge someone for having one?

Only if I wanted to be the world's biggest hypocrite. Besides, their sex life is not my business.

3. What makes it ok or not ok in your opinion?

Sex does not have to strictly be with someone you love. While I admit that sex with love is more pleasurable, in my opinion, sometimes it's nice to have no strings attached. Or more if that's your thing...  

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Ange said...

Love that you met your husband because of a one night stand. Do you have that story anywhere on your blog? I would love to read it.


I love the honesty! The relationship that I'm in now grew from a one night stand..which surprised the hell out of me. The one thing that made him not want to run for the hills was the fact that I wasn't fooling myself about what went down and what could happen after.

So many of my friends do the whole, 'I hope he'll call me', bit. Not me, I know when I do that I'm taking a risk and take it for what it is...mind blowing sex.

DazzleMea said...

No, not yet. I touched on it very lightly in the Sexy Sunday cheating episode. I called him friends with benefits then, just because it was easier to explain. But, really, we only hung out to fuck. But, I'll totally write about it for you!

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