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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sooo....I forgot to pay the phone bill last month...Then when I remembered, we had to put it off so we could have as much money as possible for the move. This morning I went to call them to make a payment arrangement, only to be redirected to the people I was trying to get a hold of. So, my service was suspended. I can get calls, but I can't make them. I could get it turned back on, but I can't find the checkbook. Cap'n Dumbass packed it away. Who does that?!?! Really..

Half our life is in boxes right now. Stacked mostly in the dining room. I've tried unpacking, but the baby's been attached to me almost constantly. I can't find anything! It's driving me nuts. Aside from the checkbook, I absoulutly cannot find the cat food. Thankfully, my mom is awesome and gave us some. But this was after a couple days had gone by. I searched everywhere. I know I had seen it somewhere in an open box, but couldn't find it. Then I couldn't find the toothpaste. Or the toothbrushes even though I had  them in like three different boxes. I kept trying to make sure that we had one set out to use during the move, but (just like with the checkbook) Cap'n Dumbass  kept following behind me and packing it away.

We still have no hot water. We just got a stove today, but it needs cleaned, so it's sitting on the porch currently waiting to be cleaned. But we have not hot water....quite a conundrum. We only have a mini fridge right now. And it doesn't keep food very cold either. We're getting a fridge tomorrow too, but again, it needs cleaned. I guess it's really nasty too. =/ But we're living off of chips, donuts, and sammiches... Double =/.

But the baby's beginning to fuss and I need to give one of the gremlins a bath so I need to cut this short. My apologies if this doesn't make much sense...Didn't have too much time to think before I wrote. I just can't wait until things start going back to normal. But, in the meantime, I won't be blogging for a couple of days. Hopefully, by the 17th I'll be back.


Christy said...

I've had those weeks. Never fear, it will get back to some semblance of normal soon.

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