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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Real quick...

Since I have  a quick minute, I figured is update y'all on our goings on...

We're moving on October 9th. So I've been super busy packing and whatnot. Well, trying to pack. It isn't easy finding the time with two kids and a newborn. And when I do get the chance, Dilli follows along behind me pulling all the cool shit outta the boxes. Yesterday, we completely packed up Bucket's room. All her toys and stuffed "aminals" are now in boxes in the garage waiting to be loaded on a truck. All she has is her bed and a tv. And they somehow *still* managed to make a big mess in that room. I don't know how they do it, honestly.

We still have a bunch of work to do and only a few days to do it in...but we took out a big chunk yesterday. I'm honestly a little worried about how it's going to go once the husband returns to work on Monday. It's so much easier when he's here. Well, he's been the one doing most of the work. He's a pro at packing quickly. Me, not so much.. I want to organize everything and go through it all tp throw out all the shit we don't need.

Good news is, we found something to entertain the baby for a bit. She absolutely *LOVES* one of Boots' balloons. We tie it around her wrist with a slip knot and she giggles (almost, she's learning) and squeals and smiles at it. It's super fucking cute. She's 10 weeks old and it feels like she's so much older...

But, that's all for now. I need get my ass in gear...I'm hoping to get a guest Blogger for y'all but I still have to ask her...finding time to blog over the next week is gonna be hard, and then I'm probably going to be without the internets for a bit once we move...I miss blogging. 

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