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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Since the move...

The house is just now resembling what a home should look like instead of a storage house. The wall of boxes and furniture that we stacked up in the dining room is pretty much gone. There's only a couple remaining, but that's being worked on as well. But, pretty much everything that was destined to be in the dining room is there.

The kitchen is still only 3/4 the way unpacked. With the limited cupboard space, it probably will remain that way for a while. Pulling out what's needed as needed... Dan replaced part of the the kitchen floor yesterday. The bit by the kitchen door was coming up and only partially done. Whoever did it duct taped the floor together. There was some mismatched tile in the basement, so that's what he used. It's only temporary, thankfully, because it's ugly as shit. We plan on replacing both the kitchen & bathroom floors within the next year or two. But, in the meantime, we have 3 different styles of tile in the kitchen & ugly blue seashell tile in the bathroom (it's just not my style).

Lately, Bucket & Boots have been sharing a room. Well, off & on...on the nights when they just can't settle down we put Dilli in (what should be) our room. He can't sleep in his toddler bed because he flops around too much. I think he's fallen out of it a couple times...but they pretty much have full reign of the upstairs. Do they stay up there? Hardly. Definitely not when we want them to.

While I really like the perks of having hardwood floors, sometimes I wish they weren't. Especially this past week. I had a cold (still dealing with it some) and my ears were horribly filled with fluid. It made noises sound really weird. It's hard to explain, but everything had this extra pitch to it - sort of like I had q voice changer strapped to my ears. I dunno, but it was extremely annoying. And the hardwood floors amplified everything. It almost drove me insane at times...I miss ninja-ing around the house too. I'm usually excellent at moving around the house without hardly making a sound. Can't do that with creaky ass floors! I'm just not used to everything being so loud, I guess... oh, and another downside, floor crumbs get tracked in the bed not matter what you do. =\

It's interesting living in a big city. When I go out in the morning for my coffee and cigarette, I'm greeted with so many new sounds. Construction work, ambulances, people.leaving for the day. And since we live near the lake and river, I hear/see seagulls and boats. It's weird, but I like it.

I will miss all the privacy that we had at the other apartment complex. Our apartment was in the back facing some woods. No one could see me on the patio. Now when I go out, our back neighbour is facing me smoking as well. And then there's the small complex immediately on my right. I can't even scratch my nose without worrying that someone's lookin at me.  But, I'm closer to friends and family now, so whatever.

I still have to get the oldest enrolled in school. I'll probably be e-schooling her. If not this year then next. I kinda want to give her a chance at making friends. Maybe these kids aren't as stuck up...But the school she'd probably be going to is 1.7 miles away & they only provide transportation if you're more than 2 miles away. Ain't that some shit luck? I don't drive and Dan works 9-5...so, unless they can work something out, I'll have to e-school her. Call me lazy but there is no way I'm walking that distance with two kids and a baby in the dead of winter. I'm still waiting on her immunization records though. Unfortunately, the health department is about an hour away...in the meantime, though, I've been having her read as much as possible, we've been practicing addition, and I'm working on a science project for her as well. I've even been having her teach Dilli the alphabet. They both love it & it has come in handy when I needed to get something else done.

All in all though, I really love the house. At first, it felt surreal, but now there's times when I feel like we've lived here for years.

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