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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fawk You Friday 10.14.11

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Linking up with Boobies and My Mad Mind for another Fawk You Friday.

Fawk my food getting left behind in the move. I know, why should I care about some food getting left behind after my clothing fiasco? Because. That was approximately $50 left behind. Fifty dollars of three day old food, most of it never opened. A big ass bag of chicken breasts, two pounds of ground beef, brand new tub of cream cheese...Packed the four bags of bagels and the damn near empty tub of cream cheese, but left the full tub. Wtf am I going to do with all these bagels and no cream cheese?? I'm not mad at anyone, really. I do understand. Just annoyed that it happened like that.

My massive mirror got left behind too. Not the cheapo kind you can find anywhere. I'm talking about the kind that Grammas have in their houses, drilled into the wall. The big, solid, heavy ones. They don't make mirrors like that anymore. Again, I understand (moreso than the food)...Not so much a fawk you, but it does make me a little sad.

Fawk colds. Seriously. I just got over this shit.

Fawk teething. The youngest has been teething the last few days. She morphs into Bratosaurus when she's like this...She poops a million times a day and usually acid. Thankfully, she didn't develop a rash this time. But last night, I just looked at her for a second and you would have thought I told her she was ugly or something equally horrendous.  I've been toying with the idea of getting an amber bracelet for her, to help ease the symptoms, but my guess is, she'd still be a super-brat.

On the bright side, things have been pretty decent since we moved here with his parents. I'm tired since I'm constantly cleaning, but the kids have been pretty well-behaved. Even going to bed relatively easy. I say relatively, because it's still a big pain in the ass, but it's not hell. The other night, though, the eldest did scratch her brother's face. You can still see the scratches a bit, but it's fading.

And, my husband brought home a wireless router. Yayyy! I can get full use of the internets again! While my father-in-law does have a computer hooked up to the internet, it didn't work quite right. Some images or page elements wouldn't load properly and some links wouldn't open. Plus, he only has IE. Ew. And now, at night when we go upstairs at 8:00 (as requested by my MIL), I have something to do.

I know. I rely on the internet too much. Whatever.


Mad Mind said...

You have to go to bed at 8PM? I'm sorry. Not really. That's when I usually get most of my blogging done.

Thanks for linking up!

Dazee Dreamer said...

good heavens, you have to go upstairs at 8. yikers. I'm glad your hubby got you a router. You need to feed your addiction. :)

DazzleMea (Mama4Chaos) said...

We just have to be upstairs at 8. I don't fall asleep until midnight, usually. I surprisingly don't mind it too much, but only because I've finally found a way to get the kids to wind down before bed. I've tried everything in the past (turning off all media, reading, etc.), but apparently, living with someone else is what's worked. And thankfully, the house is pretty soundproof. You can barely hear anything whether you're in the other room or on a different floor.

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