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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fawk You Friday - School transportation

I survived another week, and I'm celebrating with Boobies and My Mad Mind by venting my ass off...otherwise, someone I might not make it through 'till next week.

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Rated PG-13 for language

Fawk school transportation. Specifically, my daughter's bus...She's apparently getting written up for screaming. I never really liked their bus aide. I'd smile and say "hi" and all I'd get in reply would be - nothing. I presume she's stink-eying me through her sunglasses. She said, "She has this really high pitched scream" (Well, she is a girl. You must not have any kids, and if you do, they're boy(s)) and "it's unsafe for him [the bus driver]".

My daughter is generally a good child. She rarely acts out on her own. She's reactive. I wondered at the time what was going on to cause her to scream, but didn't say anything. Lo and behold, several kids were swearing and my daughter didn't want to hear it.

I'm pissed. I feel like she's being picked on. I don't understand how kids can get away with punching my daughter in the eye, drawing on her pants, and generally fucking with her, yet my daughter screams and she gets written up... I don't understand how she can be so well behaved at school, yet not on the bus. I honestly don't think the bus drivers and aides understand children with Asperger's, ADHD, and other emotional problems. I think they need some sort of training.

I am not making excuses for my daughter...I'm not saying that what she did was ok and she shouldn't face some sort of repercussion. I just want them to understand. My daughter is not like most of the kids here in this city. We are not like the rest of the people here. I'm not saying we're better, but this city is known for its trash and we're not trash.

Fawk my husband's ex-coworkers. Again...The one old guy he used to work with knocked on my fucking door yesterday to ask me if we were going to be out by the 9th. My husband already discussed this with your boss. What business is it of yours when we're out?? I just told him, "Should be..." in the hopes that he'd run his mouth and make our "landlord" nervous. I hope it worked. Then they put a for rent sign out front. My sister asked if she could kick it down. I almost told her yes.

Fawk dreaming. After the last two nights? I don't think I want to ever dream again. The other night, I can't remember exactly what was going on, but I woke up crying. I'm pretty sure it was about feeling panicked over all the recent events. But last night's dream was by far THE WORST dream I've ever had....It trumps tenfold my dream about being held captive by a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-like town by family with a cannibalistic, colorless (she was that evil apparently) daughter...and that dream had me bothered for a couple days.

Last night, I dreamt that I was doing housework and washing clothes. My washer had to be inside a giant tub. because it would overflow. Well, I hadn't seen Dia or Kyri... I went to go empty out the tub as it had overflown, and there they were, floating just below the water as if Dia was holding Kyrielle. Their mouths slightly open and eyes closed. I grabbed them, they were cold and their mouths blue. I woke up before I had actually pulled them out of the water. It felt as if someone was squeezing my heart and twisting it. I literally think I was about to have a heart attack this morning. No joke. I didn't wake up crying...I started thinking about other things to get my mind off of it. Except, I started thinking about yesterday's events on the bus. Then I think I cried the hardest I have in a long time.  At this point, I don't think I want to dream again. Ever.


Boobies said...

Obviously, you and I can relate on the kid issue. I couldn't agree more. I don't think anyone cares to take the extra time needed for a child with additional needs. Where was the aide when your daughter was being cursed at? Assholes.

The for rent sign reminds me of years ago when my Grandpa was dying. His neighbors were having the yard surveyed because Gramps put up a privacy fence knowing my Granny would be alone soon. He sent us out in the night to pull up the survey flags. Sorry...off topic, but that was a good memory for me. :)

I HATE dreams like that. Bless your heart! They say the nightmares that affect you most are the thoughts that are your biggest fears...makes sense. You need to watch the Disney Channel or a porn before bed...something. lol.

Anyway, thanks for linking up...and have a good one Gorg!

Mad Mind said...

My son came home from a ride on the bus with a black eye because he was standing up for another child that was being picked on. I also have a sister who is mentally challenged. When she was young and would get frustrated she would take all her clothes off.

It took my mom to get in the teacher's face to make her understand that was her stress reliever. I had to threaten the school district to get them to make changes on the bus. You may have to resort to be forceful. It will work if you stand your ground.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my gosh. I'm so sorry about that freaking bus aide. That would piss me off like no other.

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