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Monday, October 24, 2011

My X-Mess photo fiasco

I decided to jump in on MyMemories weekly challenge for the first time. This week's challenge is titled "The *NOT* Picture Perfect Challenge".

Really, I could have chosen from hundreds, if not thousands, of photos, since my kids are damn near impossible to capture on a camera. Especially when I'm trying to take a photo of all three of them...and for some reason, it's easier to take a photo of them when they're babies. Why?? You wouldn't think so, but it is. Am I the only one with this "problem"?

Anyway, I immediately thought back to last Christmas. We were trying to get a few family photos to give to family as a present. A bit of a cheap cop-out, but it's the only time we get a photo of all of us together. Usually, I'm someone's behind the camera or someone's half nekkid.

Fifty-some photos - and a big ol' bag of stress on our end - later we finally got a picture of the three gremlins together.


Singedwingangel said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear. My 3 boys are so different rarely even playing together at the same time so getting them together is like pulling teeth. Those pics are adorable though

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