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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♫♪Aaaaaaaa Very Merry (un)Birthday to Me♪♫

So today is my 26th birthday. There will be no celebration, no gifts, no cards, no cake (unless I make it again). It's just another day. I am one year closer to health problems. I guess after you turn 21 the birthdays just go downhill from there anyway. Although, I didn't much celebrate my 21st either...Nor my 18th. But that's what happens when you're broke, so. I already cried about being 26 earlier this year. I started thinking about how next thing I know, I'll be 27...28...29...etc.

And now that we've had our last little worm baby, I'm closing in on the point when life stops giving you things and starts taking away...My mom's heart is damaged and she could have 20 years left or as little as three. My father's had a heart attack and died on the table (they brought him back). But he's been an inconsistent in my life for several years now anyway. My husband's mother is a ticking time bomb of ailments: vascular necrosis, emphysema, poorly controlled type 2 diabetes...So it's coming sooner for me than some.

Oh yeah, my husband is probably going to be fired sometime next week. Before I go any further I should say that he does apartment maintenance. Last week, he was out all week due to an intestinal infection. He used up his last two vacation days, went to work Wednesday but left and went to urgicare  because he threw up. He returned later that day to hand in a work excuse for that day and the next and went on FMLA (he was to return on Monday). And now they're probably going to write him up because Dan didn't call Mike to let him know that he wasn't going to be there on Thursday. Um. Isn't that what the work excuse was for???

Really, it's ridiculous. They write him up for any excuse they can. because they're just itching to fire him. Why? Beats me. Dan's an excellent worker but gets shit on all the time. He's put up with so much, been through four bosses, run this property by himself for a few months, removed snow during snowstorms by himself, but still gets treated like this. I think the regional's issue with my husband really boils down to the fact that he takes time off (to take us to appointments or because the kids got him sick) and because he's not a pushover. When he thinks something's a bad idea , he'll let ya know. He's a leader in a follower's position...Plus he knew this property in and out and better than anyone else. But if he gets fired, we have to move because this apartment is part of the pay.

On a lighter note, he's talking to a guy who needs someone for his properties. So hopefully, this works out. He's a friend of a friend. If it does we'll be able to move a lot closer to our families and not have to worry about what we're going to do about money and a place to live.

Also, I think we survived the nursing strike! She's still spitting up like crazy though and she's always hungry because of it. That gets frustrating  with two other gremlins. I've got my "Moby wrap" all made. Those things run anywhere from $40 to $60+, I made mine for under $13! It was supposed to be "no sew", but it was cut in half meaning I had to sew it up. But, it was the only fabric that I liked, was in our price range, and had enough yardage..It's sewn pretty sturdily, though. A little sloppy because it was so late at night (I don't have a sewing machine so it was done at a friend's).

Please disregard my messy bathroom. =/


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