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Thursday, August 12, 2010

One month goes by too fast

My husband has a job interview tomorrow at noon! He hasn't even turned in the application yet (he will tomorrow) & already has the interview. So I'm taking this as a good sign. The owner will also be showing him around & what his duties will be. I'm taking this as a good sign. Well, I'm hoping, at least. I'm also hoping that the pay is right & he's willing to give us an apartment - preferably a 3 bedroom. Although, I believe legally we can't live in a 2  bedroom. I really hope he gets this job...for one, he's more than likely going to be fired come Monday - even his boss (the nice one) thinks he's gone. For two, this means we'll be closer to family & friends. This means a happier family in the long run. Where we'd be moving to, we'll be 20 minutes away from our families as opposed to the 40-60 minutes that it is now.  Most of our long-time friends live in the town that we hope to move to. Dan getting this job would feel like winning the lottery. We NEED this. So, if anyone's reading this, please send some job vibes our way...it'd be much appreciated.

In Kyri news, she's now one month old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone since she was born. I can't remember if I mentioned it here before but at 13 days old she rolled over (tummy to back). Well, now she can do it pretty much now problem. She had her follow up appointment today to check how she was doing with her spitting up issue. Well, her doctor's an idiot &, uh, didn't check into it. I think she forgot; she's forgotten before, which is surprising considering no one else is ever there & we're probably her longest running patients. Yeah, she sucks that bad...at least with kids. The only reason we go there is because she has after-hours. But I even tried getting her to talk with me about it and she kept writing it off. Granted, she's growing fine & weighs 8 lbs & is 20 1/2" long now, but even the lactation consultant was surprised that she frequently spits up breastmilk. She's nursing all the time because of it. If all goes right though, we won't have to deal with Dr. Dummy for much longer.

Uh, what else? Breastfeeding's going pretty good. She still squirms & fuses frequently while latched on. It hurts. But I believe the nursing strike is over & she's latching on easier & not smacking her lips as often anymore. 

Dilli-boy smashed his finger today pushing his sister off the computer chair. It's all swollen & bruised. He can move it just fine, although he's favoring it. I'm not sure if its broken or not. I have no idea how it happened either because I was in the bathroom at the time. I guess that's what Mommy gets for thinking she has a minute for herself. Of course, I wanted to take him to UrgiCare but Dan wants to see how it is tomorrow...

Oh yeah, & my father never wished me a happy birthday either...makes me feel all fuzzy inside...


The Jacobsen Family! said...

I'll be praying for your husband and his interview tomorrow! Sounds like the new job would be a wonderful blessing for your family!
Happy Belated Birthday! =)

DazzleMea said...

Aww thank you so much! It definitely would be a blessing. We're in trouble if he doesn't get this job (as in no place to live, no money, and checks bouncing). I'm so nervous! lol Thanks again! ^_^

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