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Friday, August 20, 2010

Waiting is Murder

Se we're still waiting for an answer about a potential new job for my husband. He came yesterday to check out some of his work. Apparently, he talked to his girlfriend (our one friend is friends with her) and told her how this guy came and applied out of nowhere like a godsend and he sounds too good to be true. So at least we know he likes him and likes the idea of hiring someone new. We we were afraid that he was going to have a hard time replacing his late friend and employee (he found him dead in his apartment). Also, we heard that he took the "for rent" sign down from the potential house we'd be moving into. So, that's good news, right? When he left yesterday, he said he needed to make the business  part of a decision and that he'd call Dan soon. Not terribly sure what that means, but hopefully it's good.

So now we wait.

Oh, my...We're all so anxious.

My husband is worried. He's constantly on edge about what the maintenance supervisor (hereafter referred to as Mr. Hero) is going to run to the regional about. It's all so childish, this vendetta against him. They've created a hostile work environment. He's constantly afraid of being written up for  trivial things such as "failure to notify his supervisor of a leak" when he handled the situation just fine. And just today he was given a verbal warning for being sent into an apartment several times to sand the stuff that Mr. Hero mudded and for forgetting a doorstop (Mr. Hero just had to come in while he was on vacation to give the resident one - just so he can be the good guy). I believe they were ready to write him up until my husband explained the full situation. They're trying to get him to quit. The property manager overheard the regional and Mr. Hero talking with each other saying "Well, he needs more write ups before he can be fired". (o.O) Now, tell me something's not rotten in Denmark... I'd love to try to pursue legal action against them, but that would require other people to risk the same treatment that my husband's receiving. :sigh:

Now for some good news:

My daughter is about to start the 1st grade next week! Really, that could go either way...Last year, I almost pulled her out especially after the incident where a boy exposed himself to my daughter on the bus and no one truly did anything about it. But she's excited, so that's good. Especially after we went school shopping last night. Bought 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants,a super cute hoodie, and a pair of shoes for under $70!

My little rocker's new wardrobe

She just got back from staying with my parents for almost a week And for some reason,  she's been all about doing chores. It's surprising considering I have such a hard time getting her to help otherwise - not that I'm complaining. lol. Both my daughter and son are leaving for my sister-in-law's to visit hopefully tonight through Sunday. We really need a break, even if we're just going to be cleaning for the most part. The baby will still be here, of course, but so long as she's sleeping it's not even like she's here.

Oh my, my computer's acting stupid so I'm just going to publish this now before it freezes. =/



See, how come they don't make kick ass shoes like that for adults? So not fair! ;D

DazzleMea said...

I know, right? She really wanted some that light up, but they apparently stop making them after a certain size. Lame. =/ I want some light up Batman or Spiderman shoes...lol

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