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Saturday, August 28, 2010

And here we go...

So we got a phone call from Bucket's teacher already. She had several outbursts today. My husband took the call so I don't know too many details yet... Before Dan told me anything I asked her if something happened at school. She told me she got upset because everyone was winning a red ticket for the prize box and she was always losing. Now granted, I don't know all the details but I knew that prize box was going to be a problem... I don't think I'd have such a problem with it if it was to reward good behavior or for turning your homework in on time or for even passing a test. But it seems like it's possibly a lottery/game. I dunno, maybe I should buy them more toys/trinkets. Maybe then she wouldn't behave like this... She apparently sat in the grass crying & pulling up grass her entire recess. I asked her what about and she said that she was upset because someone was winning a game all the time. Notice a pattern here? I know she has tendency to be a sore loser, but I didn't realize it was to this extent. At home, she isn't that bad with it - but we've had time to work on it with her. She knows she can't win at everything. And I've explained to her that a lot is going to happen in life that you don't like...just so no one thinks I coddle my children...because I don't. She also walked up to the teacher and started tugging on her shirt to ask her a question. This wouldn't have been so bad had the teacher not been in the middle of trying to teach a lesson.  This is something we've struggled with for a while but haven't been able to resolve. Maybe we're not consistent enough on that one. It's an easy one to mess up because what if it's important, ya know?   And there were a couple more outbursts. All in one day. I'm trying to think if something was different or if something happened that would affect her in such a way. She went to bed the same - although she didn't fall asleep until very late, but that's typical. I don't know if she woke up during the night, but it's possible because she does that pretty frequently too. I did pack her a PB&J sandwich this morning vs the ham sandwich she's had the last two days, but I don't think that was it. Plus, I gave her the option... Maybe it was because it was Dan who got her mostly ready this morning because I was feeding the baby? I don't know... I don't raise bad kids. And she isn't like this at home. She's probably having a hard time adjusting (in school all day, can't eat as often as she did at home, etc). And the more I read about Asperger's the more it all makes sense. I've had my suspicions for a few years now, but part of me didn't want to face that fact & another part of me thought it was ADHD (which it could still be an underlying problem....we'll see). I'm just thankful that the teacher understood & will be asking the school psychologist to sit in & observe her. I had already planned to make an appointment, but I'm kind of glad that  it'll be done at school where it seems she has the hardest time. I know that her Asperger's isn't "as bad" as it could be but there is definitely somethin going on. And forgive me if my thoughts seem a bit jumbled...I'm still so surprised... -Posted via Blogaway for Android -Posted via Blogaway for Android


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