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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eight years ago on Friday the 13th...

Was the day that Dan and I officially became a couple. With a big jug of Carlos Rossi red sangria, a blanket, and a boom box we walked to the back field of a high school football field and got tanked. We discussed music, mostly. He was very surprised by the fact that I knew of and liked Helmet. Skinny Puppy was also on the playlist, from what I remember. We talked about how we always liked each other and it was him who asked if I wanted to make thing "official" (we're not the type who go on dates and what-have-yous).

As I mentioned yesterday, I was never really in a long term relationship. So, I'm amazed that I have been with him for so long. We've been through some heavy stuff. Things that have ended other couple's relationships.  Times that I've wanted to punch him in the throat. But we've made it through and a stronger because of it.

I love him (even if he has been ultra douche lately) and I'm thankful that we have the rest of our lives to spend with each other.

I would post a couple pictures, but I'm tired (just spent all day working on his résumé - and its the first I've ever written, so my brain is fried). So, I'll update this post tomorrow.



Dayum eight years!?! I've never been with anyone longer than a year. Its rare to find a guy who won't make you wanna kill him and bury him in the back yard! I hope my current BF and give me eight long years some day...JEALOUS!!!

DazzleMea said...

Lol. Don't get me wrong, the man drives me nuts. He's been getting on my nerves a lot lately too...and I've almost left him a few times. But I couldn't imagine my life without him. Communication is what's gotten us this far. You can't let it build up because it'll turn into something toxic. We bicker frequently, and people probably think we hate each other...but its what works for us. And, he's the only one who I've allowed to break my rules...I love the dummy. Lol.

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