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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just in case you're wondering

Sorry I have yet to reply to the comments everyone left me. I haven't been much in the mood for the computer lately. In fact, I've spent most of my time (cat) napping.

I think we've pretty much moved past the wallowing in grief part to just accepting our fate. As crap-tacular as it may be...we're on the hunt for other endeavors & he already has another job interview lined up. Hopefully, this guy will be able to accommodate our needs as a family & hopefully the apartments/residents aren't ghetto. Dan can't handle cleaning up our own kids' poop let alone some other hoodlum's in the washing machine (yes, people do that apparently). This job is closer to home...if that doesn't work out there are other places but they're much further from our families.

Anyway, I'll be spending the next few days catching up. So check back at the comments you've made, I'll probably be replying. ^_^



IT'S TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE MAMA! Take all the time you need...we obviously won't be going anywhere lol xoxo

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