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Friday, September 24, 2010

Good news!

A few weeks ago, The Husband applied for another job doing the same thing. Well, he got the job! We were going to get a 3 bedroom townhouse, but since he needs someone on the east side, he's putting us in a 3 bedroom house! There's a couple downsides, the main one being he'll be working in some pretty sketchy areas. But the guy wants someone who's going to be there a long time, so we probably won't have to worry about him being fired. Plus, he's going to reimburse Dan for gas mileage - how awesome is that? He uses his vehicle here soo much, and has never even seen a penny. He'll also be training him to do leasing & even managing one day. He even wants to work on getting him better certified (he's already type 1 hvac certified). The complex he'll be doing the leasing at is right next door to our house (god I love saying that!).

We took a quick look at the house today. It was kind of disappointing, but mostly because it hadn't been cleaned yet. The kitchen floor needs replaced and it has hardwood floors throughout. Generally, it's a nice house, but it does need some work. I want the bathroom vanity replaced. It's old, out dated, and pretty beat up... Dan wants to replace the front door because it has a big window and he doesn't feel safe being that vulnerable. The neighborhood isn't too great, so he also wants to buy a gun and a dog. Bucket likes the idea of getting a dog, me not so much. I already have three kids to take care of...I told him I'm not waking up at night to take the thing for a walk - he can do that thankyouverymuch. I'm also not too keen on a gun either, for obvious reasons...but back to the house! It's an older home, built in the 20's probably. Lots of built in shelving. No dishwasher (this makes Meagan sad), but we plan on investing in one of those island dishwashers since there isn't a whole lot of counter space. All of the rooms are pretty big, there's so much extra space, we don't know what to do with it yet.

I've added some pictures...since I don't know how this is going to upload them, the first is the back yard. It isn't much of a yard, but it's more than what we would have gotten if he got that other job. The second is the built-in shelving in the living room. And the last is what you see when you get upstairs. There's two doors leading to bedrooms on the left, the third bedroom, more built-in shelving, the bathroom's on the right. And far right (mostly out of view) is this big area I have no idea what to do with (it will probably collect clothes lol).

All in all, we're pretty excited. We get to make this OUR HOME! <3

Oh yeah, and for some reason, I haven't been receiving notifications about comments made to the blog. And since I currently don't have a computer with internet right now, I'm blogging from my phone. The only Blogger app on my phone, doesn't show me my comments either. I'm kinda upset about this... Hopefully, though, the notification issue's been resolved since the last time I bogged.


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